Just the Ten of Us

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  • Elizabeth: Well, honey, I think you can write. Connie: Yeah, you also think JR is normal.

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  • This episode was aired on TVLand in the summer of 2000 as part of its "Summer Sunday Showcase". The Showcase featured random episodes of series from the TVLand archives that viewers could watch and then vote for their favorites on tvland.com; the winners getting the most votes getting a place on the TVL line-up. "Just the Ten of Us" won over the other shows aired that night "It's a Living", "My Sister Sam" and "She's the Sheriff", however JtToU ran for only a two month period before being replaced on the TVL line-up.

  • Slight changes were made here and there after the first few episodes, but the biggest change came in the character of Marie. After this episode, she became repressed and nun-like, but when they walk into their new home and Marie sees a knife sticking out of the counter, she says: "This looks like something out of Nightmare on Elm Street!" The actress that plays Marie, Heather Langenkamp, was the star of the first and third installments of the Elm Street series -- and Wes Craven's New Nightmare was loosely based on the stalker she gained while playing Marie Lubbock. Additionally, several other actresses in the series also appeared in the horror franchise. JoAnne Willette was a credited extra in the second Nightmare. And, Brooke Theiss starred as Debbie in the fourth movie.

  • From this point on, a lot of episodes revolve around the "Lubbock Babes" singing act.

  • Brooke Theiss (Wendy) only appears in the final scene of the episode watching the ending of the play, and doesn't have any lines.

  • Bryan Genesse, who plays Blitz, is now married to Brooke Theiss (Wendy).

  • Frequent guest star Michael Gilbert Lewis played different characters in several episodes of this series, often portraying a cop. In this episode, he gets promoted to a detective, but he gets demoted back to cop status in the subsequent "Ratboy Lives" episode.

  • This episode aired on a Saturday following the airing of Part 1 on Friday. Though, this was the lowest rated episode ever due to it airing on Saturday night.

  • In the diner, on customer says he's "going all the way to Nickel Mountain tonight". "Nickel Mountain" was the name of Heather Langenkamp's first movie.

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Allusions (4)

  • Episode title: Strangers in the Night The title is taken from the Frank Sinatra song by the same name.

  • Episode Title: She Works Hard for the Money Title refers to the 1983 Donna Summer album and song by the same name.

  • Marie: "Dominique"
    Marie sings en francais the theme from "The Singing Nun" for the Pope.

  • The title of this episode is a reference to a novel written by the late Kurt Vonnegut Jr. titled Slaughterhouse-Five.