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    Legion of Doom = Old Justice League Unlimited?

    By Gislef, May 05, 2012

    As with "Initiation" two seasons ago, "I Am Legion" hits the ground running but really doesn't give us the degree of characterization that episode did.

    The similarity to "Initiation" is that the "Legion of Doom" (note that Grodd doesn't refer to them by that name, or any name) just kinda shows up without much explanation A big crowd of faces that you can barely make out, and a quick explanation for why they're all together. The villains must feel rather offended they're all there just to impress Lex Luthor. And who puts a big honking door like that as your entryway? Or maybe it's the "Dramatic Reveal Door" plot device?

    Unlike "Initiation," the key players (pardon the pun) aren't really introduced. Unlike Green Arrow, Captain Atom, and Supergirl, new villains Dr. Polaris and the Key don't make much of an impression. A second-rate Magneto and a guy with a key-gun that unlocks guns and fires energy beams - whoo. Grodd is his usual slimy manipulating-others self and Lex seems to still be working on reestablishing the Luthor/Brainiac alliance. But we really don't get much of a feel for the Legion at this point.

    The Leaguers are well-rendered although the establishment of the JL Embassies is rather glossed over. How many are there? Why is a Thanagarian, an American, a Brazilian, and a Icelander running the one in (presumably) Metropolis? Flash and Hawkgirl are nicely personalized and the episode focuses on their big sister/little brother relationship which has been hinted at in the past. Hawkgirl does seem a little more forebearing with the guy, after the events of "Divided We Fall" and saving him from the Speed Force. Fire is okay and it's at least interesting to see that some Leaguers look up to the Flash as one of the "senior members."

    What really made the episode is the Blackhawk angle, and the fact that we get an unexpected continuity hook-up to "The Savage Time." There Chuck didn't even have dialogue, so it's kind of funny to see him become the main representative here. He gets some time to shine and holds his own against kitschy giant animal-robots and super-villains alike.

    The only problem with the Blackhawk subplot was that it seemed to fit on a bit awkwardly to the general plot. The memorial at the end (and Hawkgirl's and Flash's reactions) was very nicely done, but it doesn't really fit with the rest of the episode.

    Overall a nice kickoff to the season - it set up the Legion of Doom, but whether they can sustain a story-arc to rival Cadmus remains to be seen.moreless

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    Lex Luthor becomes the latest member in Gorilla Grodd’s new Secret Society of Super Villains.

    By RAFAELJOSE04, Oct 20, 2006

    Lex Luthor becomes the latest member in Gorilla Grodd’s new Secret Society of Super Villains. “I Am Legion” is a wonderfully great start for the show’s fifth season. Lex is still dealing with the loss his short-lived godhood and is willing to do whatever to regain it including working for Grodd. DC Comics’ fans will be impressed with Secret Society’s super villain lineup and the all too familiar secret headquarters. The Blackhawks are once again in the spotlight. The episode offers many insights into the Blackhawks’ history after World War II. The island’s defenses are quite eccentric. Hawkgirl plays the role of big sister to help Flash impress the well-formed Fire. There is some good chemistry here. Michael Rosembaum (Flash) and Maria Canals (Hawkgirl) also provide the voices for Dr. Polaris and Fire. The episode ends with an uneasy addition into the Secret Society and a warm homage to a group of brave soldiers.moreless

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    A good beginning to a new season. Why did I, an insane Flash fan, find this episode enjoyable? Read on...

    By bbik, Feb 15, 2006

    As you undoubtedly read in the episode 'recap', Hawkgirl, Flash, and Fire head out to foil Luthor and other evil-doers on an island. This is not a normal island, but one that holds very special and potentially dangerous items. Flash is, as always, a little weaker than he should be, but we did see some improved abilities. He was able to spin his arms and stay aloft after dropping from a terrible height. He was also able to make an effective tornado and save the team, effectively.

    Although they ulitmately failed in their attempt to stop the crooks, we nevertheless have a good episode with some good character development and good Flash moments. Check it out.

    Flash fans unite!!!moreless

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  • 8.5

    Justice League returns to the airwaves for the fifth and final year.

    By Etrigan_21, Feb 05, 2006

    The Legion of Doom is introduced, featuring dozens of supervillians to counteract the ever-growing Justice League. From the sound of it, the show appears to be growing closer and closer to a carbon copy of "SuperFriends."

    Thankfully, the writing makes all the difference. The heroes are serious, devoted and complex rather than cheesy and spouting off one-liners while solving plots in a matter of seconds. And the villians are even better- Grodd describing the Legion (though not referring to it by name) as a business of protection rather than an organization to take down heroes is brilliant.

    This episode is not without its flaws, though. Fire's voice actress is TERRIBLE. Her accent sounds incredibly phony and forced, which really lowers the quality of interaction between her and Flash.


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    The Universe keeps Expanding

    By monsai, Jan 07, 2006

    I Love the Episodes Focused on the Villains.

    I loved The Secret Society, Task Force X and now I am Legion. I think this adds depth to the universe and makes it more believable...I just hope the show has more air time to expand to it's fullest capacity.

    I loved the new Luthor Costume...reminder of the one he used in the Challenge of the Superfriend series but up-to-date.

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  • 8.9

    An episode that sets up a major arc, with nice touches for the fanboys.

    By flyingmnky, Oct 02, 2005

    This is an excellent start of the new season following what happened last season. We get a taste of where the League stands now (still mixing the \\\"second tier\\\" heroes with the big seven...), as well as a sense of history from all areas; the current JLU series, the comics and some old school Super Friends throwbacks are tossed in. (I loved seeing the old Legion of Doom headquarters in the swamp...)

    And we get a glimpse of what\\\'s to come with the formation of the Anti-JLU; just about every super villian joining forces under Gorilla Grodd\\\'s shifty eye. His covert operations are sure to lead to \\\"the big event\\\" whatever it may be.

    And it\\\'s always good to see everyone\\\'s favorite bad guy you love hate Lex Luthor, especially the added dimension in this episode.

    This was an exciting, fun episode with a promise for more from the guys who have been bringing us some fantastic adventures for 5 years now.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Episode 501 - I Am Legion -

    This was a great episode. The unparalleled cartoon wirting continues. The movie people should really just adapt a multi-story arc from this series.

    By Capstern, Sep 25, 2005

    Episode 501 - I Am Legion -

    This was a great episode. The unparalleled cartoon wirting continues. The movie people should really just adapt a multi-story arc from this series.

    This episode boasting the usual voice talents for the main league members (Shayera and Flash (Rosenbaum) of course but adding the talens of Powers Boothe (Gorilla Grodd), Scott Petterson (Agent Faraday) and Clancy Brown (Lex Luthor). The episode opens with Lex Luthor escaping from prision and oddly talking to himself while being chased by the cops.

    When nearly being caught he is whisked away by another criminal and brought before Gorilla Grodd in a dank swamp and is poffered a deal and some secrets are revealed.

    For those of you that loved the old Super Friends this is such a great episode. Standing on the edge of a pool in the swap Gorilla Grodd starts to talk to Lex about joining a team and with a click of his remote you see the classic, if updated, HALL OF DOOM!! Yes the Hall of Doom lives and it si infested with many villians and oh man this was such a cool scene.

    After touring the HQ Lex is asked to join the team and as he scoffs you see Grodd show him the one lone remaining piece of Brainiac. You find out that Brainiac is still part of Lex (see last season long story arc) and he and Brainic agree to join if they get the piece.

    Grodd sends them on a mission to an old Blackhawk strong hold to retrieve an arifact from the vault there.

    Flash, Fire, and an old Blackhawk pilot from a previous time travel ep. and Hawkwoman go to stop then. Lex goes with Keymaster and aother villian whose name eludes me. There isnt much head to head combat in this but there is some and a lot of fighting with island defenses.

    Ultimately this episode is all about setting up the season story arc I am betting. It was good story and good dialog and over all a very good JLU episode. Like is said for those that loved Super Friends this is a great update of your nostalgia.

    Rating: 3 1/2 (out of 4)moreless

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    After a scary moment seeing the Legion of Doom, this episode is pretty good.

    By sam_el, Sep 24, 2005

    I must confess that I was concerned when I saw the Legion of Doom headquarters. Like so many children of the 80s, I watched the SuperFriends growing up. I liked the show. You know how some shows you watched as kids will remain cool when you watch them years later? This wasn't one of them. It was extremely cheesy. So to see that headquarters caused me to worry that this program, pretty darned good in all and superb last season, might revert to that level of kitsch. But I trusted the producers and was rewarded. Grodd's explanation for the existence of the Legion and its purpose actually made sense. It wasn't just a bunch of bad guys trying to take over the world. Thank goodness.

    So fear assuaged, I was able to sink into this episode. And it is quite good. Lex Luthor's apparent insanity (unless he still has some Brainiac in him) promises to be a good storyline. The story in this episode is pretty good, as well. The action is solid and I especially like the reference to "The Savage Time". However, the real high point of this episode is the introduction of this season's apparent story arc--the Legion of Doom.moreless

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    The further development of Flash's character only strengthens my love for this show.

    By rogueandkurt8, Sep 21, 2005

    Fantastic. That's how I would describe the second half of this episode. The relationship between Shayera and Flash is still developing in a fun way, and the long-awaited addition of a love-interest for our favourite speedster was phenomenal. Especially since he was too shy to do anything about it. Completely adorable moments!

    The Legion of Doom is another story. As fun as it is to see 'Crazy Lex', the plot line was slightly lacking here. Haven't we already had ideas like this? All of the evil villains teamming up against the League? Sound familiar? Of course, that's not to say it wont be exciting-it all depends on how the writers deal with it.

    And, although I usually applaud the writers' ability to renew story lines from first and second season, I have to admit that the Blach Hawks thing seemed kind of forced. It's like they threw it in there at the last minute. Yes, Savage Time was an awesome and well thought-out episode, but was it really necessary here?

    Overall, the episode was a great starter, with a fair bit of promise for the new season. At least the writers have finally noticed Flash's value(as seen in this episode and the two upcoming feature episodes). I'd definitely recommend this one for the fans!moreless

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    I believe that this was a great introduction to eh famed Legion of Doom from the original series that appeared in the old Superfriends episode. The outside of the dome is the same as the original.

    By hulkfinn, Sep 20, 2005

    This show was very good in getting Lex Luther and and the Legion together. I would like to say that I am glad that they incorporated the old outer design of the Legion of Doom from the original Superfriends episode from the 80s. I think this one will be better though because there are more characters to play against one another and many different combinations to make this a highly interesting season.

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