Justice League Unlimited


Season 3, Ep 1, Aired 7/31/04
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  • Episode Description
  • The Justice League reforms in a new satellite headquarters and adds a new expanded roster of members. They then recruit Green Arrow to aid Green Lantern, Captain Atom, and Supergirl in defeating a nuclear monster in China.

  • Cast & Crew
  • George Eads

    Captain Atom

  • Phil LaMarr

    Green Lantern/John Stewart

  • Nicholle Tom


  • James Sie

    General Kwan

  • Lex Lang

    Robber #2

  • Fan Reviews (12)
  • New League, New Beginnings... same old action heroes!

    By Etrigan_21, Jul 22, 2005

  • This episode was a good beginning. Following the events of the privious episode, the Justice League get a new base in space gathering many different heros including Green Arrow. He must learn to work with the team when he is assigned a mission with Superg

    By bhattipimpin88, Feb 26, 2006

  • This is a nice break from anime.

    By ZaleIsBackAgain, May 07, 2006

  • The new justice league...

    By green_arrow92, Nov 18, 2006

  • this was a good episode.

    By JLU51306, Jan 26, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • Supergirl: I've just about had it with you guys. You've got 'til the count of five - 1, 4...

    • Green Lantern: If you see anything, don't try to engage. Captain Atom: Roger that. Green Lantern: Ummm, you can just say "Okay." Captain Atom: Okay.

    • Green Arrow: Is that a containment suit? Captain Atom: Uh-huh. I'm not flesh and blood any more - just living energy. Green Arrow: That wouldn't be nuclear energy, would it? Captain Atom: With a name like "Captain Atom," what do you think? Green Arrow: I think you're what I marched against back in college.

    • Supergirl: Why don't you take the stick out, Corporal? Captain Atom: Captain.

    • Superman: Each of you brings something different to the table. Strength. Speed. Stealth. Whatever. But we are all equal in just one way. Each of us is willing to make the sacrifices a hero needs to make, even the ultimate one. Since there are so many of us, we have a chance to do more than put out fires, both literal and figurative. We can be proactive, we can do some real good in the world. But we are going to be organized. J'onn will be up here keeping an eye on everything. He'll be deciding who's going where and when. I know a lot of you are used to making those decisions for yourself. But from now on, we have to be more coordinated than that. We can't be cowboys any more... or cowgirls.

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    Notes (12)

    • This episode along with "Hawk And Dove" and "Kid Stuff" was released on DVD as Justice League Unlimited: Saving The World.

    • The small wrinkles that used to be under Superman's eyes in Justice League have vanished, creating a much younger look for him.

    • On his official website, Dwayne McDuffie addressed lingering questions about some of the heroes included/left out of the series. Firestorm (from the Super Powers series) was considered until Waverider was added and a new Firestorm was created in the comic. Black Lightning was in one of the original pitches until DC Comics refused to allow him to be in any animated series. Robin, Batgirl and other Batman-related characters are on a banned from the series list by DC. Steel II, Vibe, and Hawk & Dove are in the series since they never died in the animated DC Universe. All four are dead comic bookwise.

    • Character bios available: Green Arrow, Supergirl, Captain Atom, Brimstone, Assembled Heroes

    • Look very closely, and you can see images of the faces of Copperhead, Cheetah, Shade, and Star Sapphire on the tiny computer screens by the screen that J'onn and Green Lantern are looking at when they talk about the nuclear monster in Asia.

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    Trivia (10)

    • After the League goes to question the haz-mat guys in the destroyed village, the haz-mat men are walking around with clicking geiger counters--obviously the place is highly irradiated. Presumably Captain Atom and Supergirl are invulnerable enough not to be adversely effected, fine, but what about Green Arrow and the soldiers milling around the area, none of whom are wearing protective suits?

    • In the scene where General Kwan meets the Leaguers and asks them to leave, it's day, but in the very next scene, where John is reporting to J'onn back at the Javelin, it's night.

    • When GL accidentally yells out "Shayera!" to try and stop Supergirl from leaving to take on the monster, the closed captions incorrectly read "Kara!" instead.

    • There seems a curious reluctance by Green Lantern and his team to bring in reinforcements. With China at stake and their leader down, shouldn't they call in some back-up? Or is the world now having such troubles that all the other heroes we saw are tied up elsewhere? And if the world now needs that many heroes, how did it get along before the League brought them all together and coordinated them? It's not like the heroes have other things to do - Booster Gold and Obsidian have nothing better to do then sit around at the end and watch Captain Atom reinflate. And all the heroes were on the Watchtower shortly before GL and his team left.

    • So...where were all these heroes during "Star-Crossed"? Or "Secret Origins"? Some of them, if they bear any resemblence to their origins in the comics, have been around since the 1940s.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Visual: Green Lantern and Green Arrow being beamed up
      The scene where the Green Lantern and Green Arrow are beamed up to the Justice League's headquarters is reminiscent of the way that Captain Kirk and his crew were transported back and forth to the starship U.S.S. Enterprise in the original Star Trek series.

    • Green Arrow: You're not gonna leave me up here on Mount Olympus...
      In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was believed to be the home of the gods which was located above the clouds, just like the League's Headquarters. In reality, Mount Olympus is a 2,917 m (9,570 ft) high mountain in northern Greece, the highest point in Greece, on the boundary between Thessaly and Macedonia, near the Aegean Sea.

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