The Doomsday Sanction

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    Mroe than just informative and revealing this episode is full of action

    By rlogic24, May 22, 2006

    A great installment to an overall great story. This episode reveals a great deal about the Cadmas program and all of the ventures they had their hands in. It tells the story of doomsday and brings some significance to his character, instead of him being some random villain out for Superman's head. more importantly than all those things though, the episode is exciting. All of the things we watch the show for were there. The fight between Doomsday and Superman was very well done and the interception of the missile kept us very entertained. Excellent story with great action, definitely one of the bestmoreless

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    Batman confronts Waller, the military tries to nuke Superman, and Justice Lord comparisons abound. All this, while Superman brawls with Doomsday.

    By NRad527, Jul 19, 2005

    Where to begin? Not only do we get characters returning all the way from Batman: TAS season 1 (giving a cool moment to anyone who's been watching the DCAU since then), but this episode really pushes the whole Cadmus storyline forward a great deal.

    We see that people DO see the similarities growing between the Justice League and Justice Lords. We see Batman begin to doubt the other founding members. We see the government try to kill Superman, and we get one of the most brutal battles in animation history.

    Even though Doomsday's origins are completely changed, it works in the context of the season.

    An overall great episode.moreless

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  • 9.3

    In this episode the League must save the people of a volcanic island before it erupts. During this rescue operation Superman ends up in a battle with Doomsday inside the erupting volcano. Further knowledge of Cadmus' plans are revealed.

    By vladamirg, Jun 20, 2005

    This is the kind of stuff I like to see in a Justice League episode. You have ties to the main storyline of the show with Cadmus, plus you still have a large scale battle.

    The confrontation between Batman an Waller was good because we saw that both are highly intelligent people on opposite sides of the fence. Both Batman and Waller also have opposing thoughts with their colleages. It shows a certain similarity and connection between the two enemies.

    The Superman v Doomsday battle was good because they were near equals. In most Superman battles, he wipes the floor with his enemy, but Doomsday was more than a match for Superman.

    This episode also raises the thought in our minds that the League isn't doing everything right. It raises the thought that maybe the League is becoming too powerful for their own good.

    Overall a good and enjoyable episode that I'll watch again and again.moreless

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