Justice League Unlimited

This Little Piggy

Season 3, Ep 5, Aired 8/28/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Batman turns to Zatanna for help to defeat the evil sorceress Circe and save a transformed teammate.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jack Carter


  • Peter Onorati

    B'wana Beast

  • Laraine Newman


  • Chad Einbinder


  • Kevin Conroy

    Batman/Bruce Wayne

  • Fan Reviews (12)
  • Farming Out the Comedy

    By Gislef, Jun 04, 2005

  • "Am I Blue"

    By Weezing101, Oct 25, 2010

  • wonder woman is a pig

    By firehouse731f, Dec 05, 2007

  • perfect pairing for batman and wonder woman! BMWW forever! =P

    By li_am, Jul 11, 2009

  • Batman's got a hidden talent, awesome!

    By TriviaDude, Jun 19, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (17)

    • Circe: (as Batman sings) Beautiful. Zatanna: And you'll keep your word? Circe: A deal's a deal. (short pause) He can stop now. Zatanna: Not on your life.

    • Circe: You're both beginning to remind me of Sisyphus after a hard day pushing his boulder up a mountain. But me, I could keep this up all night.

    • Circe: Insolent trickster. You dare to strike... (gets hit) You dare to stri... (gets hit again) You dare to... (gets wrapped in a tablecloth)...Quit it! Oh no... (gets hit by a piano)

    • Circe: Thank you, thank you. You've all been so kind to me tonight. You know, my cousins the Sirens never thought I could sing. Really! They thought they were all bad with their 'Charm the Sailors' routine. But I'm showing them, aren't I? (dead silence) (Circe glares - applause) Oh thank you! I love you all! Are there any requests? Zatanna: Selbat ekirts ecric! Circe: I'm not sure I know that one...

    • Medusa: When you see Circe, tell her I want my curling iron back!

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    Notes (10)

    • According to the commentary, there was a scene planned where the Joker plans an ambush on Batman. He calls it off after seeing that Batman is talking to a pig (Wonder Woman).

    • While writing this episode, Paul Dini would meet and later marry an illusionist. Paul's favorite show character was Zatanna, who was used in this episode.

    • Zatanna continues to use her backwards talking magical spells. For example to get her money back from the magic store owner she declares "dnufer". However whoever does the captioning is apparently unaware of the nature of her powers since they render her lines as nonsense words. However a viewer can translate all of her spells by listening closely.

    • Character bios: Zatanna , Circe, B'wana Beast, Red Tornado

    • Peter Onorati (B'wana Beast, and seemingly channeling Joey Tribbiani on Friends, right down to his ability to deal with farm animals) has played a Justice League member before - he was Warhawk in the Justice League of the future seen in the Batman Beyond episode "The Call".

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    Trivia (7)

    • Medusa seems to have a solid grasp of 21st century idiom and slang, despite having been locked up since (presumably) ancient Grecian times.

    • Not exactly a goof, but...we're hit over the head twice with the point that "magic always has a price." But Circe never seems to pay a price. Neither does Zatanna except when she's trying to buy a magic ingredient.

    • So, what the heck are Zatanna's powers? Sometimes she makes backward invocations, sometimes she just waves her fingers, sometimes she needs a spell component (the chimera scale), and she has at least one magical artifact (her VCR-crystal ball). If she can enlarge her hand and grab someone then pull them back up into her hat without saying anything, which is pretty powerful mojo, why does she need the reverse-magic stuff sometimes?

    • Why does Circe need a crowbar? She can transform both animate and inanimate matter (she creates walls out of a stone wall and turns a batarang into doves).

    • The Batman doesn't want to bring in a sorcerer like Dr. Fate to keep the whole thing (somewhat inexplicably) secret. But then he brings in (or lets B'wana Beast bring in)...the Crimson Avenger? To go door-to-door looking for a pig? Other then as a cheap sight gag, it doesn't really make much sense to bring in the Crimson Avenger but exclude Dr. Fate, who might be able to actually do something to restore Wonder Woman or find her in pig form much more quickly via magic.

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    Allusions (10)

    • The Underworld Unleashed The blindfolded goddess with the sword and scales that Batman and Zatanna meet in the Underworld likely represents Themis, one of the Greek Titans, and the Goddess of Justice. The boatman ferrying Medusa is probably Charon, who would carry the dead across the river Styx to the Underworld. He would only carry those who paid a fare, that's why Batman gives him the coins.

    • Man: Gladys, its for you!
      A reference to Bewitched where the Stephens' next door neighbors are the Kravitzs. The long-suffering husband, Abner, inevitably just misses his wife Gladys' attempts to show him some evidence of Samantha's witchcraft she's just witnessed, and assumes she's nuts. The husband here looks a bit like Abner Kravitz (actor George Tobias).

    • Circe: You're both beginning to remind me of Sisyphus
      In Greek mythology, Sisyphus attempted to evade death, first by imprisoning Hades and later by claiming his body was unburied and he should go back to assure its funeral. For his crimes he was sentenced by Hades to push a boulder up a mountain for eternity - each time just before getting to the top it would tumble to the bottom and he'd have to start again.

    • Zatanna: C'mon Bugs...where are you?
      Subtle allusion to Bugs Bunny, the WB animated icon.

    • Themis: Don't look at her directly.
      The reason that Medusa must not be looked at is because she turns people to stone that look her in the eyes. The statues outside the ampitheater are not works of art, but victims.

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