Justified "Over the Mountain" Review: Blood Brothers and Cousins

By Tim Surette

Jan 29, 2014

Justified S05E04: "Over the Mountain"

Well that was a front-to-back fantastic episode of Justified, don't ya think? The hour didn't once drag its boots; after three episodes of prep, every story was in an a position to stand up on its own. Even the "Boyd visits Ava in jail" scenes were good, thanks to Cousin Johnny's disgusting lip-licking toward Ava. And most importantly, "Over the Mountain" fired the first shots in the Grade-A beef we all knew was coming (and were waiting for) between Raylan and the Crowes. 

Things began, as they probably always should, with Dewey Crowe being a damn idiot. Following Darryl's "suggestion" that Dewey kill Wade for skimming whorehouse profits, Dewey made up some lie about his buried treasure—and Wade, no claimant to a GED himself, believed it. It takes a special kind of "board-certified imbecile" to be duped by Dewey, and Wade is that imbecile. Wade had just had the snot beaten out of him for stealing from Dewey the episode before, and then he goes out to the woods alone with the guy? Dum-dum-dum. 

Though Justified is loaded with the kind of dialogue that elevates the collective intelligence of its characters to beyond-genius levels, this is a show that LOVES its morons and their Natural-Selection-proving behavior. Of course, in Dewey's hands, the simple matter of murdering Wade became a comedy of errors involving miniature shovels and prayers to God, but by golly, he got the job done. Most of it, at least. The whole body-disposal part never happened thanks to some good Samaritans out on a hunting trip (I think that's the first time we've encountered anyone wholly good on this show), and it was Raylan who stumbled onto Wade's corpse. R.I.P. Wade, but let's face it, you were never long for this world. You probably woulda licked a light socket or walked into traffic anyway. 

Wade's body put Raylan on the scent of Wade's murderer, which led him to the Crowes and that first real confrontation between Darryl and Raylan. Without much else to pin on them, Raylan showed 'em who they were messing with by taking Derrick, the underage Crowe brother, into protection under the pretext that a teen probably shouldn't be tending bar at a whorehouse, even if he IS on the spot with the levels of Wild Turkey in stock. It was the first step in this delicate dance between lawman and outlaw, and as graceful as Raylan's first bit of footwork was, we all know Darryl will come back by stepping on Raylan's toes. 

As for Boyd, he ain't playin' nice with his cousin Johnny anymore, as their falling-out has escalated into a full-blown rivalry. Johnny denied any involvement with Boyd's tragic placement on the wrong end of the heroin heist, but later on, we saw him meeting with Hot Rod Dunham, so I'm assuming he's guilty as charged. And this brings up the potential for an awesome war that's long overdue: Boyd vs. Hot Rod. I cannot wait for some of that action. 

"Over the Mountain" kicked Season 5 in the butt by letting the hunt for Wade—a character with ties to Harlan's nastiest—be the episode's open-and-closed case, rather than bringing in a new baddie for Raylan to lock up and shoot in the face. The momentum from the search added some juice to the rest of the ongoing stories, making this the most serialized—and best—episode of the young season. Now we have Raylan vs. Darryl and Boyd vs. Hot Rod and everything in between. 


– With Justified coming to an end after next season, it's fair to think about hypothetical spin-offs, and I would like everyone to know that I would gladly spend an hour of Dewey Crowe every week. Tim would be my second choice. Aww heck, who am I kidding? Tim is my first choice. Tim is the best. I'd even say that if he wasn't named Tim. 

– Art is getting closer to becoming a big part of the season with his look into Raylan's less-than-legal involvement in Nicky Augustine's death. And Art's counterpart in Detroit, Ed Kirkland, is all of a sudden one of my favorite characters on the show.

– Are we still wondering whether Allison is pulling one over on Raylan, or is that done? I'd be fine if it was done. 

– Those of you who've seen Orange Is the New Black will understand my thinking when I say we should nickname the diminutive prison guard who tried to rape Ava "Short-stache." And while we're on that subject, exactly who is providing protection for Ava while she's on the inside?

– Ummm... what is Boyd doing with all those dead bodies in that room? Tea party?

– Best scene of episode goes to Raylan and Tim visiting Wade's house and meeting Danny's dog instead. Maybe it's because it was Tim and Raylan sharing a scene, maybe it's because Danny wasn't wearing pants and we got an up-close look at his buttocks cleft, or maybe it's because there was a dog named Chelsea with big old balls in it. 

– Raylan, Boyd, and Tim together in a scene is gold.

– And because this is the season where Justified relentlessly puts Boyd through the ringer, his faked death to keep Lee Paxton off his butt should last, oh, about halfway into next week's episode, I'd guess.


Because Justified is stuffed with such great dialogue, each week, I'll post my favorite lines right here.

Dewey: "Are you a midget? Cuz that's a midget shovel."

Raylan: "He's a drug addict and a board-certified imbecile."
Art: "Shouldn't be too hard to find him then."

Johnny: "You're looking thin, Cousin."
Boyd: "Well, I've had more time on the elliptical now that I don't have to spend it wondering how and when you're going to stab me in the back."

Raylan: "Did he getcha?"
Tim: "No, but I think something just came between me and my Calvins."

Ava: "I was thinking, aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?"

Ed: "Intercom's all screwed up, I couldn't hear a damn thing."
Art: "So you gonna send him back up the river?"
Ed: "Might as well. We got too many damn Canadians in this country. Justin Bieber, Celine Dion..."
Art: "Steve Nash..."

Tim: "Dog! Dog! Dog!"

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  • DarkBrollus Feb 11, 2014

    A spin-off with Dewey, Tim, Rachel and Loretta would be a great

  • 377221 Feb 09, 2014

    That stormtrooper line came to mind the moment Jonathan from Buffy confronted Ava, but I thought there's no way Ava has seen Star Wars recently enough to think of it, so I laughed my ass off when she actually said it even though I knew things were about to get a lot less funny.

  • valeriel Feb 04, 2014

    A Justified spin-off with Art, Tim, Rachel & AUSA Vasquez? Oh, I'd watch EVERY week. You hear me, Yost?

  • c07111 Jan 31, 2014

    So, I see Rachel and Tim will be taking turns babysitting Raylan this season. Will it be possible to put both these fine detectives in the same eppy in the future.....might be nice. This eppy went so quick to me, I thought the last scene wasn't the last scene. Raylan is a smart man until it comes to women, he sucks at deciphering crazy female. There seems to be a crack in the Ava and Boyd love sonnet...somebody is letting something or someone get in their heads.

  • JustifiedCEO Feb 02, 2014

    Since I have downloaded every Justified episode from iTunes since its inception ... I can tell you this was historically the shortest episode ever.

  • McCovey Jan 30, 2014

    I will say this episode was good enough. The botched Wade murder by Dewey Crowe was the highlight, being reminiscent of earlier, more original Justified shows.

    On the negative side, I still don't warm up to the Allison character as a romantic interest for Raylan. At least this week she showed a warmer side rather than just being hard and a tad slutty. Nothing classy about her the way there was with Winona. Also, I just find the bullying, nasty Crowes so unpleasant that I don't enjoy watching them at all.

  • borgsblueyes Jan 30, 2014

    As much as it pains me to to say anything negative about my beloved Justified, this episode was okay. The chat with Boyd in the bar saved it for me. I like Amy Smart but this Allison is throwing me. So she is attacked again at work, I thought for a minute she is getting off on setting Raylan off. Is she even a social worker? Was she in any scene with Loretta, so we know that Loretta actually knew her? Am I just too suspicious???

  • bothcats Jan 30, 2014

    "Raylan, Boyd, and Tim together in a scene is gold." When the two of them walked into Boyd's bar I did a little happy dance, I knew that scene was going to be fantastic!

    "Shortstache"- Danny Strong is tiny next to Ava. I hope she gets a storyline this season, maybe with who is protecting her in jail. Because having her only get visits from Boyd will get boring.

    Michael Rapaport's accent has gotten much better since the first episode, but it still needs a little work. I've noticed the slower he speaks, the less he slips.

  • ben45tpy Jan 29, 2014

    Yeah I wasn't really feeling this episode, I'd say it was the weakest of the season, probably because it lacked true standout moments. But it was still pretty good. I loved it when Raylan got called out for not seeing Boyd as a crime boss. It's really pretty bizarre that Boyd has been able to operate almost with impunity over the last few seasons.

    Best line of the episode:

    'Oh God! Oh God, my head! It hurts! I think I'm gonna faint!' - Dewey

    And what's with the goody two shoes family campers. No one in Harlan County's like that, we'd know otherwise.

    I hope Rapaport's hires a voice coach for the whole season cos his accent isn't there yet. Keep trying.

  • Bloodangel Jan 29, 2014

    In my opinion, that was a good move on Raylan's part removing the little brother of the Crowe's, forcing the older sister to come to Harlan before Darryl does something really destructive

    Btw.....As a Canadian, you can keep those 'Musicians' they mentioned :p

  • Tweedledee Jan 29, 2014

    As long as you all still have Nickleback, we win.

  • JT_Kirk Jan 29, 2014

    No, I don't think. It was an interesting episode, but it would have been nice if Raylan was more than just a cameo, and if Boyd did anything that made real sense at all, and if interim-sheriff wasn't a total simp, and if the Crowes weren't in it because they clearly are just too stupid for words.

    Some of it worked well. I will say that Dewey's behavior in the first part of the episode felt especially genuine to low-level criminals though, these sorts of stories crop up in the news from time to time. Boyd handing over Wade's burner was a fairly reasonable call. Raylan pushing the Crowes made for some honest tension. Art had a thing going on.

    Raylan's involvement with Nicky's death probably will be cleared, but will lead to Raylan's suspension. He gave Nicky a way out, even if he knew Nicky wouldn't take it, and let the sleeping dog wake to be bitten by his fleas.

    I don't even know what's going on with Allison, that's such a total wtf.

    Boyd is making sure he gets busted doing impossible crime things, only the show says NAAAAAH.

    WEBELOS is actually cub scouts preparing for joining the boy scouts, and honestly, I kinda would expect Wade to have known that.

  • JustifiedCEO Feb 02, 2014

    I see the Nicky death as a red herring. The Canuck said Sammy had a Kentucky lawman in his pocket. Raylan will be able to feign ignorance and blame in on the FBI's Barkley.

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