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  • 8.5

    Boyd is becoming very mysterious and alluring.

    By DebraMcClure, Apr 08, 2011

    I am secretly hoping that he and Ava get together this season - and Raylan becomes crazy jealous. I love Raylan, but think it's a real mistake that he has feelings for Winona. I Do Not Like That Woman. She is going to be featured prominently in the next episode and I almost don't want to watch.

    Since this is supposed to be a review - it was a good episode which furthered the story arc. I love the fact that Coover and Dickey are so incredibly stupid (although I felt bad when Mags found it necessary to pound his hand with the hammer). And as mentioned, Boyd continues to surprise - I'm sure his "partners in crime" were surprised when their truck blew up. The series keeps getting better.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Cool Hand Boyd

    By Neksmater, Apr 08, 2011

    This week served up another winner as Boyd and his new mining buddies set about to rob the mine where they work and Raylan begins to follow the trail of Walt McReady, the man the Bennetts killed, as his disability checks are still being cashed and discovers the Bennetts are behind it but can't prove it. Arlo tries to give some of the money he stole back to no avail to get out of his house arrest. Boyd does some quick on his feet thinking that save his life at the hands of his compatriots and makes a sacrifice for Ava in a fitting end to his storyline this week. When Mags did the hammer thing to Gooper's hand it was really difficult to watch but truly showed how capable she is as a matriarch and a criminal. Now Raylan fully knows that all roads lead back to the Bennetts and as he himself said to Loretta, "Things may start happening" as the season goes further along and things are setting up for a big payoff.moreless

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