Going The Extra Mile

Season 4, Ep 6, Aired 12/25/99
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  • Episode Description
  • Action League Now Tune Up of Terror: Hodgepodge messes up the Action League's car, causing terror.Prometheus & Bob Tape 406: Pet: Prometheus shows Bob how to take care of a pet by giving him a small wolf cub, and the parent wolves attack Prometheus because of this.The Little Freaks When the evil-fashioned villain No Face plans to control what the humans wear by releasing starving moths to eat the entire world's clothing, and then force them to wear his jump suits! First he could control what they wear, then what they think, and then, the world would be his! Fortunately, The Little Freaks are here to stop No Face in his tracks!They Might Be Giants - Doctor Worm A wannabe-doctor who happens to be a worm sings a cute little song.Henry & June Theme Fan Appreciation Day: "Weird Ryan from school" rigged the selection, obnoxious, stealing souvenirs, etc.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Billy West

    voice of Various Characters

  • Noah Segan

    voice of Henry

  • Julia McIlvaine

    voice of June

  • Burt Pence

    voice of Announcer

  • Scott Paulsen

    voice of Meltman

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (3)

    • Ryan: Ka-wow! Mr. Foot is throwing me in the trunk of a car! (Mr. Foot throws him in the truck; As they drive off) Just like he did to Hector in episode fourteen and Glen Dilworth in episode thirty...

    • June: (About Ryan) What if we just turn out all the lights? Maybe he'll think the show's over and leave. Henry: (To the audience) Oh, hi everyone. Welcome back. June: We were just trying to figure out how to, uh...show our appreciation to our lucky contest winner.

    • Meltman: Great, I'll drive. Chief: What?! Flesh: Good one. Thunder Girl: Yeah, right. Stinky Diver: (Laughs) And I'm the King of Finland! Meltman: I'm serious. I finally passed by driver's test. Stinky Diver: I guess they got tired of him coming down there and wrecking all thier cars.

    Notes (1)

    • This episode was going to be aired as the final episode to season four (and due to the show being cancelled, the last episode), however it aired out of order.

    Trivia (6)

    • Ryan: Just like he did to Hector in episode fourteen... This is a mistake, Hector was in episode twenty six.

    • When Ryan is being thrown in the trunk of the car, he mentions how Hector and Glen Dilworth were also thrown in the trunk of a car. Hector was from "Won't Stick To Most Dental Work", and Glen Dilworth was from "The New Class."

    • When The Little Freaks airs on Nicktoons TV by itself, they forget to add the "Kablam! presents..." segment at the beginning.

    • In The Little Freaks, No-Face's name is changed to Haberdasher later on in the episode.

    • How could a woman who was a teenager in the '70s look so old in The Little Freaks?

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    Allusions (3)

    • The Little Freaks' dance moves at the end are obviously based on the dance scene from the Peanuts Christmas special, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    • When Ryan shows a home video of Henry, the show that he was on was called "America's Nuttiest Home Videos." This is a spoof to the world wide American show "America's Funniest Home Videos."

    • Brangel: I wanna be a dentist.
      When the starving moths mess up Brangel's "beautiful" brain, he quotes a line of Hermy from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, who also desired to persue a career as a dentist.

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