Tastes Like Paper

Season 2, Ep 11, Aired 5/19/97
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  • Episode Description
  • Aired on Nicktoons YesSniz And Fondue Crustacean Sensations: When Sniz tries shrimp cocktail he likes it too much, Fondue doesn't like it he tries shrimp from a midnight stand and gets sick and end's up in the hospital! Action League Now! Voice Of Treason: When Hodgepodge steals bill the lab guy's newest device, the voice box, the Action League is Sabotaged and find themselves at the mercy of a vengeful Hodgepodge.Prometheus And Bob Tape 42: CanoeLife With Loopy Loopy and the Flu-Bug: Loopy discovers the cause of Larry's cold.Henry & June Theme New Director of Research's "tweaks" put Henry in a ladybug suit, June in a fluffy-woodland-critter costume. The new DOR is The Mayor (from Action League Now!), who is trying to get rid of Henry and June so that he can turn the page.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Billy West

    voice of Various Characters

  • Noah Segan

    voice of Henry

  • Julia McIlvaine

    voice of June

  • Jim Krenn

    voice of Stinky Diver/Flesh/Narrator/Mayor

  • Cris Winter

    voice of Thunder Girl

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (3)

    • June: (To the audience) According to our new Director of Research, "KaBlam!" is big, big, big! However, a few "tweaks", could put it over the top. Which brings us to "tweak" number one. Henry. (Henry comes in the scene in a ladybug costume; June is surprised, then laughs) Henry: What? June: Nothing.

    • (First lines) June: (To the audience) Greetings, and welcome to "KaBlam!" Notice anything different around here? (Pause) Well, you are about to.

    • The Mayor: (To the audience) That Loopy is one zany youngster. She really showed Jerry that time. June: (To herself) Oy. The Mayor: And now, a little happy feet. (To Mr. Foot) Hit it, skitch! (Mr. Foot starts playing music as the Mayor tap dances) June: Henry, we've got to do something. The Mayor's wrecking our show. Henry: I got an idea. (Takes out a whistle and blows in it; the marching band comes and runs the Mayor over) June: Nice going, Henry. (To the audience) Well, that's the show. Henry: We'll see ya next time on the old and unimproved "KaBlam!" June: Research free! Henry: Later "KaBlamifiles!"

    Trivia (2)

    • The Mayor is not animated with Chuck-a-Mation, but with computer animation in this episode.

    • Different music is used at the end of this episode.

    Allusions (1)

    • In the begining of this episode, June is dressed as a beaver. The same year this episode came out, Nickelodeon's The Angry Beavers premiered.

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