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Quotes (195)

  • Guano: Gonard! The key! It's stuck to your butt! (Gonard starts spinning around in circles trying to see it, and starts spinning Guano around too in the process.)

  • Man from Soap Opera: That's why I'm back, Margaret. Back from the dead.

  • Guano: Okay, I think we can do this. I think we can pull this off. Gonard: Really? Guano: NO! Of course not!

  • Mikey: Look, it's my apartment, and if I want to watch TV in the bathroom, or hide a frog in Lily's underwear drawer, or spill soda on the floor, or throw a bunch of stuff out the window...

  • Yes-Man: Housewarming present! Ozu: A window.

  • Gonard: Okay, the chain should be much stronger now. Guano: You made it stronger? Gonard: Idiot!

  • (Mikey calls home) Mikey's Mom: Hi, you've reached the Simon residence. If your message is for Ms. Simon, press 1. Mikey's Dad: And if it's for me, press 2. Mikey's Mom: And if your our only child in Japan and your calling cause you're all alone in a big empty room and you miss the comforting sound of another human voice, stay on the line as we read from a list of words chosen at random from the dictionary. Mikey's Dad: Vernacular Mikey's Mom: Flibbertigibbet Mikey's Dad: Mortgage Mikey's Mom: Pedal Mikey's Dad: Disenfranchise (Mikey hangs up)

  • Mikey: Guess it's just you and me tonight mirror. Mirror: Speak for yourself, I have plans.

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Notes (33)

  • New gadgets for Gonard on LilyMu: -A really big gun.

  • Yoshi Sightings: -In the beginning, slapping his forehead when Guano yells 'CUT!' -Later, Yoshi tells Guano to move his box tower 5 feet to the left (after he had cemented it to the ground)

  • Ozu doesn't remember Mitzuki's name, even though she states that she's been on the LilyMu show for 5 years.

  • New gadget for Gonard on the LilyMu show: -A metal seed that grows into Mecha Bonzai tree that shoots poison needles.

  • Yoshi Sightings: -Stuck full of metal tree needles right after the LilyMu segment. -Giving Ozu his coffee. He was hung over a pit of lava after it was found that there was no cream or sugar in the coffee. -Walking past Gonard and Mikey, saying "Hi guys!", right after Gonard says, "And nobody ever saw Yoshi again."

  • New powers for Gonard on the LilyMu show: -Diffuse into four different copies. Red copy: Fire. Blue copy: Ice. Yellow copy: Sunshine. Regular copy: He co-ordinates the rest. -Grows giant, becoming Super Gonard.

  • Yoshi Sightings: -Part of the crew on the pirate ship.

  • Yoshi Sightings: -In a photograph at Dr.Katashi's office.

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Trivia (75)

  • Mitsuki wears contact lenses.

  • When Gonard is talking about his room, Gonard's mom is heard for the first time.

  • Mikey's room contains a few LilyMu posters, a bar with stools, a refrigerator, trashcan, chair, two giant speakers with a Mikey and Gonard doll on them, a TV with a neon "Mikey" sign above it, a table, and a couch with a bed above it with sheets decorated with Mikey's face.

  • The objects on Gonard's behind are a slice of pizza, a crayon, a toothbrush, a bag of chips, a leaf, some lipstick, a pencil case, and the handcuff key.

  • Goof: If you look closely at the months of the calendar while Ozu is telling the rules, you'll see that September and October repeat on the calendar as the dates fly by.

  • Ozu announced rule 4,432 before Mikey and Gonard left. When they got back, Ozu announced rule 4,433 as if no time had passed. Wasn't he still telling rules to Lily, Mitsuki, and Guano?

  • The Yes-Man's shirt when he gets back from vacation with Ozu says, "I went to the airport and all I got was this wonderful T-shirt. Thank you, Ozu."

  • On the box for the LilyMu game, the rating "E" can be seen. This is a rating system that is only used by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. In Japan, the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization has an entirely different rating system.

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Allusions (94)

  • Lily has a similar look to Freddy of Scooby Doo. They have the same shirt, and Lily's skirt is the same color as Freddy's.

  • The Switch An episode from the second season of HBO's series "Tales From The Crypt" has this same name.

  • Mikey is no different from Fry from "Futurama". Both have red hair, are fish out of water, and aren't very bright. Not to mention that they have the same haircut.

  • Lily's talking mirror is a reference to the mirror in the animated film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

  • The scene where spiked walls were closing in on Guano is a reference to what happened to the rebels in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Guano was even wearing a Storm Trooper suit.

  • The scene in which Mikey is dancing in a white button-down shirt, underpants and sunglasses between two dobermans is a parody of the 1983 film "Risky Business".

  • Mikey yelling out "Stella!" is a reference to a memorable line from "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams.

  • The title is obviously a reference to the movie "Mission Impossible."

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