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  • 8.5

    Kath and Kim was a great show, that has now been ruined by the American Version.

    By Splendid_99, Nov 16, 2008

    Kath and Kim is a show about a bogan Melbourne family without an ounce of class. It's about a Mother who is always trying to look good, who cooks tries to improve her foul mouth daughters appearance by telling her to look and do things more professional. And her husband who is usually smooth and charming who acts cool and feels cool. Then there's Kim who is the daughter of Kath who is lazy, complains and never impresses her mother. She was pregnant with her husband (Brett) who is a genuine nice gentleman who is usually pushed around by Kim and never has the last word. Then the whole families friend ''Sharron''. Sharron usually pops up in their house because she is a family friend and Kim's best friend. She is into sports (despite her size) and is not a very happy person. The show was hilarious because of it's charm, it's reality and the great cast of actors who all fitted in well with their characters. But when I saw the American version I was disgusted. They sure did sell out, but the original Australian version will always be a great Aussie comedy Icon.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Awkward and lame has never been so funny nor even as adorable as this.

    By WestWingNut, Nov 04, 2008

    I cannot express how utterly hilarious this show is. The US version is lacking the key component that makes this work and that's the Aussie culture. Some jokes are most definitely lost in translation. If you don't think the US version is funny please don't let that reflect on this work of pure genius. Gina and Jane are brilliant comedians and every single episode will have you rolling. Nothing can quite compare to Kel and Sharon either (another giant misstep on the part of the US copycats). Awkward and lame has never been so funny nor even as adorable as this.moreless

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  • 10

    Kath and Kim exceeds any classification... it is defienentely uneywsual.

    By spears5, Jan 21, 2008

    Am I expected to actually describe this? My opinion on it is right up there with the simpsons and with supernatural (I realise the latter is probably not a good show to include in a Kath and Kim review), which makes it one of the highest achievements of the 21st century.

    It follows the day to day endeavours of two mother and daughter "Foxy Morons", Kath Day-Night and Kim Day-Night. I'm sure every Aussie in the world could relate to their exploits (although many an exaggeration takes place in the KK world) and I think that is what makes this show so popular. I only recentely started getting "into" Kath and Kim, but from the two seasons I have seen, and the one movie, Kath and Kim will almost definentely get a fifth season. Here's hoping!

    See yas!moreless

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  • 9.7

    It's Noice. It's Different. It's AWESOME!!!!

    By peterfan1, Dec 02, 2007

    The main characters are: Kath, an 'empty nester' divorcee who wants to enjoy time with her "hunk of spunk" Kel, a local butcher, but whose lifestyle is often cramped by the presence of her self-indulgent twenty-something daughter Kim, along with Kim's husband Brett and her "second best friend" Sharon.

    Kath and kim are hilarious just the little things they always say incorrectly Car-donnay, etc. Kims complete rudeness especially to Sharon her pretty much only friend. They always make a mountain out of a mole hill and say some of the most ridiculous sayings. kath and Kim is a personal favourite and always will be. Make more episodes I say.moreless

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  • 10

    Tales of suburbia from a foxymoron and her hornbag daughter.

    By TVKitty, Aug 18, 2007

    This is by far, the best comedy import from Australia ever (and there aren't that many, but this is genius). The show so good, it sparked its own vocabulary of Kath and Kim-isms. The DVD is highly recommended, especially of Season 2. The outtakes alone are inspired viewing. The interplay between the Kath and Kim is hilarious, the often ignored Sharon, Kim's second-best friend, and her numerous skin complaints, is cringeworthy but so funny, and what is up with Kel's hair? And the sideways looks he gives to the camera are worth a thousand pages of comedy material alone. And to Kim, change those jeans, your muffintops are showing! Look at moi, look at moooi...Now I've got one word to say to you...watch Kath and Kim, you foxymoron!moreless

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  • 10

    Welcome to Fountain Lakes, home of a foxy lady and her hornbag daughter.

    By Celtwytch, Aug 09, 2007

    From the first time I watched this, I was hooked. It may just be about the daily goings-on of a suburban housewife and her high-maintenance daughter, but it never fails to make me laugh. Kath is a house-proud housewife, who tries every diet and exercise plan there is to keep herself trim and good looking for her husband, purveyor of fine meats, Kel. Her daughter Kim is a self-obsessed trophy-wife-wannabe, only concerned with how her husband's - and baby daughter's - career "projectory" will benefit her. Their deliberate misuse of similar-sounding words always brings a grin - a classic example is: "Where pacifically in the specific are you going for your cruise?" So if it's lightweight comedy you're after, you could do worse than head for Fountain Gate shopping centre, where you just might catch a glimpse of Kath and Kim on a shopping spree.moreless

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  • 8.3

    A fine example of great Australian comedy.

    By michael_LB92, Aug 04, 2007

    Kath and Kim is possibly one of the funniest Australian TV shows I have ever seen.

    The show focuses on two foxy ladies, Kath, a 40/50 something mother of a 20/30 something daughter, Kim. It also features Kel (Kath's husband), Brett (Kim's husband), and Sharon (Kim's second best friend.)

    Kath and Kim is hilarious. It's first season is mainly focused on Kath planning her marriage to Kel.

    The second season is mainly focused on Kim being pregnant with her soon-to-be-daughter, Epponie-Ray (or something spelt like that!)

    The third season, which IMO falls behind in quality when compared to the first two, focuses mainly on Kim raising Epponie-Ray.

    Da Kath & Kim Code, the TV-movie made for Christmas in 2005, was disappointing for me, as the show felt as though it had passed it's peek, and was now merely trying to make a buck with this not-so-funny-anymore TV show.

    However, the forth season looks fantastic, and I cannot wait for Kath & Kim's return! Hopefully the long period of time between the TV-movie and the forth season will make people more entusiastic about Kath & Kim's return. I'm even more hopeful that the two foxy morons have had enough time to think of something fresh and new.

    Kath & Kim is a great show. It got stale and old, as some things do, but hopefully the long-awaited forth season will prove me wrong!moreless

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  • 9.6

    Ultimate classic Aussie show, what a bunch of "foxy morons".

    By heelers_fan, Feb 06, 2007

    This has to be one of the best shows on oz tv! Absolutely hilarious, can't get enough. Jane Turner and Gina Riley are extremely talented, producing and starring in this original series. They truely are destined for greatness...Kath with her many TAFE courses under her belt and her "great hunk o spunk" husband Kel by her side. Kim with baby Epponnee, "Bretty", her "hornbag" looks and Sharon as a "second best friend". Who can forget Prue and Trude taking care of manchester while sipping a grande skinny! I can't wait to see another series of Kath and Kim...what will go down in Fountain Lakes next?moreless

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  • 9.0

    So Ab. Fab.! It's all almost pant-wettingly funny!

    By beckaboop, Jan 23, 2007

    Gena Riley and Jane Turner are just CLASSIC as Kath and Kim! Sometimes it seems like these 'foxy morons' can do no wrong. This show takes a 'behind the scene' look at suburban life in Fountain Lakes, Australia. Magda does an excellent job as Kim's unfortunate 'second best friend'. Kel is so fabulously metro bordering on very gay and Brett is just so clueless. It's spawned some classic sayings, such as 'Look at moi, Kimmy. Look at moi!' and brought back some old ones, 'hornbag'. Nothing says 'Bogan' to me more than this show- I only pray that people don't actually think Australians are like that.moreless

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