Keen Eddie

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  • Eddie: No, Pete! Bad, Bad dog! Fiona: Well?! Eddie: Well, unless Duchess knows how to do the wheel barrel you don't wanna know. Fiona: Open! That! Door! Eddie: why is it locked anyway? Fiona: When I went out to get the mail it sneaked right in there and swiftly began to buggar my Duchess. : So your saying that Pete snuck in there just to lock you out and have sex with a cat? Fiona: Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying.... You don't believe me. Eddie: Well, Yes he's done it before. I just thought he had broken the habit. But don't worry, Pete's fixed. Fiona: She's a cat, Eddie! A different species all together but that fact doesn't seem to be slowing him down now does it?! Eddie: He's not too particular but he's pretty quick. Fiona: Huh, Well you know what they say about pets resembles their owners. (Kicks down door). Fiona: This is a police dog? Yeah, and like my Duchess is the queen bitch of England. Eddie: Well, you know what they say. Pets resemble their owners.

  • Fiona: I see you're makin' friends. Eddie: Oh yeah, It's Rugby . We played a pretty rough game. I would of invited your friend, Nigel. But its boys only.

  • Eddie: Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha. Rudy: Now you, you are just making matters much worse for yourself. Eddie: Don't underestimate your team Rudy it's not possible. It couldn't get any worse than this even if you do stuff me in the cow blender. Kidnapper: He doesn't want to go into the meat separating machine. He's just tryin' to trick us. He's a cop he is. From New York. Eddie: Rudy, you might just wanna jump right in here after me, If not you might wanna think about getting rid of this guy he's starting to cramp your style a bit. Rudy: Yes, well. Unfortunately he just so happens to be my brother. Eddie: Then you got problems. Rudy: Go home Eddie. We don't like your kind around here.

  • Fishy: And that's what happened. Rudy: Yeah, but the qustion is. What are we doin' here in this place?! Fishy: Well, this is the only place with a meat separating machine I could find within a 200 mile radius Rudy. It's all I could find. Rudy: Fishy, Why do we need a meat separating machine? Fishy: You said," Square him." Rudy: I said,' Scare him." I said," Scare him away. Fishy you idiot. Why would I wanna square him? I mean do I look like Hannibal Lector?

  • Eddie: Hey, I'm Eddie. So how do you like me so far?

  • (Pippin offers Eddie replacement footwear.) Eddie: They're wet. Pippin: Yeah. They're Happy Pritchard's; one of our snitches. They've been the river for a couple of days. But it's the best I can do. Eddie: Are you sure he's not gonna mind? Pippin: No, he won't mind. He was in 'em.

  • Eddie: This blindfold smells funny. Kidnapper: That's one of my socks.

  • Eddie: How you doing? Carol: Terribly horny. (Carol walks away) Eddie: Wait a minute. Did you just hear what Money Penny just said to me? Pippin: Oh, you mean Carol? Eddie: Yeah. Pippin: You said, How are you doing? and she said, Terribly well.

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Notes (32)

  • The matches picked-up in this episode: A Chinese restaurant in New York and in London a place called,Jibby's Fish.

  • In this episode the fortune cookie read, Even in darkness, a keen spirit discovers light.

  • Featured Music: "The Art of Losing" by American Hi-Fi (as heard in promos) "One Step Beyond" by Madness "Can't Say No" by Lowgold "Crystal" by New Order "Burning Man" by Daniel Ash "Sugar, Sugar" by Ron Dante/The Archies "Hawaiian War Chant" by Bob Willis & His Texas Playboys "Can't Say No" by Lowgold "Message To You, Rudy" by Specials "One Step Beyond" by Madness "Never Squeal" by Ween "Spooky" by Daniel Ash

  • This was the first show to be picked up following the networks' upfront ad markets, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  • The pilot was filmed for the Fall 2002 season, hoping to air around that time. It was ultimately getting pushed back (From Fall 2002, to January 2003, to March 2003) until they announced it as a midseason replacement with an already 13 episodes commitment. Promos was first seen durning the first few episodes of American Idol 2, but no show logo was given.

  • Matches collected in this episode is from the Pub called, The Sticky Wicket.

  • Although outraged, the FCC decided not to fine Fox over this episode.

  • Music: "The Brazilian" by Dirty Vegas "Float" The Music "If I Fall" by Aqualung "Spanish Main" by The Coral "Closer To You" by Daniel Ash "Walking With Thee" by Clinic "Take The Long Road and Walk It" by The Music "Never Squeal" by Ween "Coming Down" by Daniel Ash "Waiting For The Heartaches" by The Coral "Just the Two of Us" by Bill Withers "Wake Up and Make Love with Me" by Ian Dury & The Blockheads.

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Trivia (1)

  • When Pippin sees the right jewelry store on the list he says 4217 Ralleigh Avenue. but the paper acually reads Ralliegh Circle.

Allusions (3)

  • Episode Title: Achtung Baby. The title is a clear allusion to the album by the Irish rock band U2, released on November 19, 1991. The album was released nearly two years after lead vocalist Bono announced the band would have to "go and dream it up all again", following the mixed reception of 1988's Rattle and Hum. Achtung, Baby! in German means "attention, baby!" or "careful, baby!" Frequently used by the band's soundman during the making of the album, the phrase came from the Mel Brooks's film The Producers.

  • This title is a reference to the BBC sitcom of the same name.

  • Title: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité The title is a reference to the motto of the French Republic.