Keeping Up Appearances

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Quotes (147)

  • Hyacinth: It’s a security latch. Richard had it installed to protect me from anyone desperate. Elizabeth: They would have to be.

  • Hyacinth: [Answering telepone] The Bucket residence, the Lady of the house speaking!

  • Richard: Is the Major coming? Hyacinth: Yes, Richard, I do believe the Major will be coming. And it’s a good job he is a major. If he was a sergeant he wouldn’t get a foot past the door.

  • Hyacinth: [On the phone] No, you cannot have a number 24, nor a double portion of 37. This isn’t the Chinese take-away. This is a private slimline white telephone with no connection whatsoever to any business or trade. Especially not one of foreign extraction. [Hangs up phone]

  • Hyacinth: Daddy would never be naked. Why would Daddy be naked when he’s got his name down for a nice old person’s bungalow?

  • Daisy: I hate tidying up. I'm under the doctor for being dizzy. I'm sure it's tidying up. Rose: If you only got dizzy when you tidied up, you should have the clearest head in the area.

  • Daisy: I don't know how you keep the pace, our Rose. Rose: It's not easy. If you relax for a minute, they're going back to their wives. I envy you, our Daisy. Daisy: Me? Rose: It must be wonderful being married to a bum like your Onslow. So you can let yourself go completely. Daisy: I wouldn't say completely. Onslow: Near enough, completely.

  • Rose: What did she say? Daisy: She says not to go over to her place. She's coming here. Rose: Oh, that's just what we need, a royal visit.

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Notes (53)

  • This is the only episode where the dining room set is shown.

  • The Opening credits of Keeping Up Appearances feature Hyacinth dusting and cleaning the house. The end credits feature her dining room table "morphing" into a complete setup.

  • On the DVDs, this episode is titled "The Name is Bouquet: B-U-C-K-E-T."

  • On the DVDs, this episode is titled "Welcoming the Dishy Vicar."

  • On the DVDs, this episode is titled "Visiting an Acquaintance's Stately Home."

  • In this episode, Hyacinth refers to the time Rose threatened to commit suicide, which is in Episode 2 - "The New Vicar".

  • On the DVDs, this episode is titled "A Fate Worse Than Senility."

  • On the DVDs, this episode is titled "Our Daisy and Her Toy Boy."

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Trivia (10)

  • When Hyancinth says "We're practically in Beirut," the boom microphone quickly bobs into the frame.

  • Jonny Lee Miller plays the Toy Boy - most recently seen as ABC's Eli Stone. Miller was married to Angelina Jolie for 4 years.

  • This is Shirley Stelfox's final appearance as Rose. Starting in season 2, Mary Millar plays Rose. Also, this is the only episode featuring Onslow and Daisy's daughter.

  • This is the only episode in the entire series not to feature the nextdoor neighbour Elizabeth, and the only episode not to feature her brother Emmet, since his arrival at the beginning of Season 2.

  • When Hyacinth and Mrs. Nugent enter the toy store, the sign on the door says PULL, but they push the doors in order to get in.

  • This is the final guest appearance of Mrs. Councillor Nugent in the series.

  • Books from the opening of the show: (from the right) *How To Become Absurdly Well-Informed About The Famous And Infamous *Colour Me Beautiful *Always In Style *Flower Arranging *The Daily Mail Book of Household Hints And Tips *Modern Etiquette *The Book of Soft Furnishings *How To Win at Housework *Writing Letters For All Occasions

  • Daddy's sign said "If you love me let me know". While driving Daddy around, with the sign, Hyacinth got yells from a passing car of yong men, kissed fingertips and the right-of-way from a gent at an intersection, and a whistle from a dirty-looking guy.

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Allusions (3)

  • Hyacinth: (to Richard, about his filming) Nothing violent or distasteful; you're not Channel 4.-- refers to the BBC channel that tends to show alternative television fare.

  • Richard and Hyacinth speak of their "yachting" outing; Richard reminding Hyacinth that they were just on a boat, until they fell into the water. (Series 3's What To Wear When Yachting)

  • When Onslow asks Hyacinth if she watches the Neighbours, he is making a reference to the popular Australian soapdrama (aired on BBC).