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    By okaykardashians, 3 days ago

    If Keeping Up With the Kardashians is so "trashy", then why does it have more ratings than all the Disney shows comibined, huh? Suck my ass, bitches

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    By TedCruz, Sep 12, 2014


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    By vincekelly773, Sep 02, 2014

    why did these short /overweight girls get a show in the first place? they have no talent they are not interesting to watch and they are complete simpleltons

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    By elisabethfellows, Jul 09, 2014

    This show is garbage. These people are desperate looking for attention. It's so clearly obvious how fake they truly are, yet pretend to be "real"

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    By kylejesse, Jul 04, 2014

    this family has NO TALENT NO MORALS NO CLASS Blame ryan seacrest and NBC for putting and keeping them on tv.

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    Worse than Rabbids Invasion

    By poppinsfan, Jun 30, 2014

    At least Rabbids Invasion doesn't influence as many people as this show does. And that says a lot. Because Rabbids Invasion is BHHHAwful! This show is worse. I only watch it to see how awful it is.

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    I just watched your show tonight (Bruce & Kris in Malibu)

    By DebbieCatanza, Jun 25, 2014

    I was SOOO Happy that you two looked at pictures, you could see in your eyes that you really DO love each other. I've been watching your show Faithfully since the beginning and it makes me sooo MAD that the HATERS continually cut your show down. If they don't like the show then QUIT watching it. It's that simple. But don't think all your viewers think bad of your family, Because I love everyone of you. You are all sooo Beautiful and I can only imagine that putting yourself and your family in the reality show has to be draining at times. So whatever the HATERS are saying, it's only them being jealous of such a good looking family who has got it going on. I'm one of your fans that can't wait to see what's going to happen every week. Love & Respect Debra Catanzaro in Phoenix AZ

    June 24 2014 New Review

    About Kendals I watched the show tonight and CANNOT believe how Kendall is disrespecting you. I would make HER take care of her own damn huge dogs. It was funny tho when Kim sprayed the room and then threw the paper towels in it. LOL But really they arent Kims dogs. Kendall is thinking and acting like shes too good to do anything to help. I have a 30 yr old daughter myself and she would NEVER talk to me that way. I was dissapointed in Khloe tonight too. I feel bad her and Lamar are no longer together but now since shes lost weight shes acting uppity too and disrespecting you too. Kris you are just a wonderful mom and sometimes the kids treat you badly. i feel bad for you.moreless

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    The family has love that most people don't have

    By stvnsnll, Jun 24, 2014

    Honestly this family has more love and care than most people. You can't just trust what you see in a magazines say. The show is great and at the end of the day you know that they are good people, and this is what they chose for there life. If you don't like it don't come and write a negative review, don't ruin it for the fans who love to watch the show because it makes them happy.

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    By liz25, May 28, 2014

    What a horrible portrayal of adult women. All they care about is money, clothes, how they look and what club, bar or restuarant they are going to. . Life is so much more than that. Kim is the the others are not far behind. What is so sad is that they are making a TON of money and there are people out here who are doing wonderful things and can not make ends meet. They are sickening.

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    are you serious ??

    By dusanbosnic1, Mar 04, 2014

    I dont even know how to pretend to care about these idiots.

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