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    By Sk0527, Mar 12, 2014

    Kenny vs Spenny: On The Road 1093071054/kenny-vs-spenny-on-the-road

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    This show is horrid! I cannot even believe Matt and Trey OR Comedy Central would want to be associated with this dribble in any way, shape, or form. This is not entertainment. This is a gross mis-use of resources that should be limited to YouTube.

    By methadvocate, Oct 13, 2011

    I was completely surprised to find this is actually SEASON THREE right now for this debacle of a show! It just began airing on Comedy Central in the States at the end of 2007. I really thought that it was a new show that was picked up to fill in time slots Comedy Central had empty because of the WGA Writers Strike.

    I watched at least three episodes before confirming my opinion of the show. I then came to to read about it [the show] and add my rating for it. This is where I found out that it's actually from Canada and has 50-some episodes. "Shocked" is not strong enough of a word to describe my reaction that these two rancid, raunchy, gross people are popular enough to pull off three seasons! What does that say about the viewers of this mess? Each episode I've seen has made me feel like I need a very thorough shower afterwards! The shows I watched have been nothing more than gross ways to induce unpleasant, nasty bodily functions.

    I do not see what is super about tricking each other into vomiting, getting dangerously drunk, inducing diarrhea, having flatulence contests that cause them to s**t on themselves (and then throw the feces at the cameraman!!)

    And please, tell me why they are constantly walking around in tight underwear? There is nothing attractive about hairy male thighs and rear-ends.

    I'm glad it's on very late at night and that I'm able to block the show from being viewed at my house. This show reminds me of the movie comedy with Luke Wilson where he goes into the future and finds that all "intelligent" life has been wiped out, and the people who are left are bottom-of-the-barrel dregs of humanity that poop right in their lazy-boys, scratch their genitals and continue to eat snack food while watching 24 hour TV shows of other people defecating on each other.

    It scares me that it could be the true future of television!moreless

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    Best show on TV HANDS DOWN!

    By nickilo, Apr 14, 2011

    This is easily the funniest show on TV. Focuses on two supposed best friends who compete against each other in outrageous competitions. Kenny is mischievous, insulting and sometimes just downright disgusting when it comes to winning while Spenny is always trying to do the right thing and compete with honor. Their respective characters matched against each other makes for a hilariously entertaining 30 minutes. Haven't missed an episode to date and every one makes me love the series even more. Sooo glad they are making a 6th season. If you haven't already, you need to watch this show. It is my favorite show on TV by far!moreless

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    Matt and Trey hit gold when they created South Park, but lost their minds when they created this trash.

    By maniac_stewie, Jul 30, 2010

    This show is soooooo stupid. There's no creativity or thought put into it. It's just two guys competing in stupid and nasty competions to prove absolutely nothing. How hard is it to make a show, place two awkward men in it, then give them a challenge and see who does better? Not very hard. Besides, their challanges are completely stupid. Seeing who can blow the biggest fart? Seeing who can stuff the most meat down their face? Seeing who gets a boner first? You've got to be kidding me. A 10-year old could come up with better ideas than what Matt Stone and Trey Parker came up with for this show. Utter garbage.moreless

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    Funny, hysterical, and an absolute kick a** show.

    By walkerdoug, Jul 11, 2008

    Two friends who compete in wacky, unthinkable, and crazy stunts, where each tries to stomp the other. Why. Well as the opening credits says "glory for the winner, humiliation for the loser." The main star(for me) is Kenny. The one who goes through all the trouble, well actually he just cheats to win. The other is Spencer. The one who gives me the laughs. We know Kenny cheats and so does Spencer. Which is why when he tries so hard to win he fools up, giving us Kenny fans a good laugh. So it doesn't matter if your for Kenny or for Spencer, all that matters is that you enjoy two Canadian fans picking and fighting, just for a win. It shows how far we-as humans-go to win and stomp all opposer's.

    ---Great Job---moreless

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    Kenny and Spenny, two "friends" that live together go head to head in competitions in several different categories. Extremely entertaining and fun to watch.

    By h00plah, Jun 09, 2008

    In every single episode, Kenny and Spenny go head to head in competitions that prove which one of the two is better at at something in a certain field/category. Some of these competitions are: Who can stay standing the longest, who can commit the most crime without being caught, and so on. The kind of competitions that are silly, and extremely entertaining.

    I have seen some people say that the show is fixed. Even if it was, so what? It's still entertaining and a blast to watch. It has frequent comedy, and is just extremely entertaining.

    If you're looking for something bizarre, something you've never seen before, I highly recommend you watch Kenny vs. Spenny. For at least one episode, and you'll enjoy it, if you don't: then, well, watch another episode.moreless

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    Jack@ss VS Jack@ss is the best way to describe this show.

    If you liked VIVA LA BAM/jackass this show is for you.

    By BrainiacMM, Apr 03, 2008

    The premise of the show is two best friends(kenny hots and spenny) compete in the craziest competitions anyone could ever think up. From who can commit the most crimes to who can create the best viral video laughs will always ensue. Kenny who tends to be everyone favorite is a master of cheating and bending the rules. Where as Spencer rice tries to play the game with integrity and honor, trying his best to win the games legit. Sadly most of the time spenny's tantrums and constant need to defend himself from everything kenny says always seems to work against him. But that is part of the charm of the show.

    This is what good reality TV is! Laugh out loud funny!moreless

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    This show is now my new favorite. I recently discovered this show and can not stop watching it. Season 2 so far is the funniest

    By lylesback2, Feb 22, 2008

    So far season 2 is too funny, and I can't stop watching this show. I wish they would make more episodes for the seasons since they are so short, but i'll take what I can get. If your thinking of watching this show, episodes so not carry on to seasons, so you can watch any episode, I suggest starting with season 2.

    Kenny does cheat too much, but that only makes the show what it is. Spenny almost seems like too much of an idiot for a normal human being, and needs to learn by now, that Kenny is a cheater. I recognize a lot of places they do the shootings, right here in Toronto!moreless

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    Insanity reigns supreme on this childishly hilarious show.

    By flinched, Jan 27, 2008

    From who could fart the loudest to who could eat the most meat, each competition brings me back to childhood competitions of long ago. Who didn't compete as a kid to see who could burp the loudest or spit the farthest. These guys take it to a whole new level as adults. Challenging one another to moronic yet wildly hilarious competitions and with such enthusiasm and genuineness. I've seen debate as to whether the show is somewhat scripted. Whether they are or not, the show is fresh I look forward to each new competition and humiliation. All in all, this show is a must see for the immature jackass in all of us.moreless

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