Keroro Gunso

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  • Narrator And so, Sergeant Keroro was officially posted to the Hinata household.


  • Narrator - Her interest in an alien's lifestyle comes from her dedication to her job... I believe... Hopefully...

  • Natsumi Hinata - Are you really an alien? Sergeant Keroro - What are you talking about? I am just a slightly overgrown and slightly mischievous normal frog. I have never even thought about invading Pekopon. Natsumi Hinata - I-It looks like he really is an alien.

  • (First words of the series) Narrator - 2004 A.D. The earth was suddenly attacked by mysterious extraterrestrials. The hordes of UFOs covered the sky... The cruel and most heartless invaders... The fleeing people... The significant difference in technology. The police and defense forces stood no chance, and fell. And then... The Earth met its new rulers... or so they expected. Invader - Or so they expected!

  • Sergeant Keroro - I am the one they call number one in the universe... Sergeant Keroro!

  • Natsumi Hinata - Hurry up, you idiotic frog! Sergeant Keroro - 'Idiotic frog' is too harsh!

  • Sergeant Keroro - Natsumi-dono... when my room is completed, I will give you a priority invitaion into it. As a maid.

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Notes (50)

  • First Appearance of Giroro, Tamama, Kururu, and Dororo all as Silhouette

  • First appearance of Sergeant Keroro, Natsumi Hinata, Fuyuki Hinata, Aki Hinata and Saburou

  • Episode Focuses: I am Sergeant Keroro!: Keroro Keroro Lands: Keroro

  • First episode

  • First appearance of Tamama

  • First appearance of Momokoa.

  • Episode Focuses: Momoka and Tamama Move Out!: Momoka, Tamama Momoka and Tamama Land at the Hinata Household: Momoka, Tamama

  • First appearance of Giroro.

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Trivia (14)

  • Fuyu means Winter, Natsu means Summer, and Aki means Fall in Japanese

  • Momo means Peach in Japanese

  • Keroro and presumably all Keronians are all fresh water frogs, so the salty sea water is bad for them.

  • Whenever Tamama refers to Moa, he calls her "that woman" rather than by her name.

  • The entrance to the secret base is in the portable fridge in Keroro's room.

  • Shuriken-mail: Whenever Dororo wishes to contact the Keroro Platoon, he sends a postcard that acts like a shuriken. The postcard usually embeds itself in Keroro's head.

  • The plants that the platoon used, if they are not harvested right away, turn into monsters.

  • This episode is the first time that Fuyuki visably loses his temper with Keroro.

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Allusions (16)

  • Sergeant Keroro: Dance man
    "Songs must be by a singer with an afro. Dance man!" When Sergeant Keroro says this when explaining the things in his room, that quote is a reference to Dance man, who sings the ending theme "Afro Sergeant".

  • From Momoka and Tamama Move Out!:

  • Keroro: Opening Theme Song
    Early in the episode, when Keroro is vacuuming the house, he sings "The password is... Afro and Sergeant. 3, 2, 1, Fire!" which is part of the opening theme song.

  • Keroro's Gundam models: Gundam
    When Keroro is thinking about looking for his subordinates, he starts to make a Gundam model.

  • Keroro's Mouse Pad: Gundam
    When Sergeant Keroro is looking on his computer to find his subordinates, the mouse pad for his computer has a picture of a Gundam.

  • W Bag: McDonalds
    In the beginning of the episode, Fuyuki is eating some food, which the bag, fries container and cup have a "W" (upside down M) on them, with the McDonalds colors; red and yellow. A reference to the worldwide franchise McDonalds.

  • Saburo and Evangelion, part 2: Saburo shares the same seiyuu as Nagisa Kaworu from Evangelion, Ishida Akira. Also they both have silver-grey hair.

  • Saburo and Neon Genesis Evangelion When Saburo is invading the Hinata house there are several homages to Evangelion. First there is the AT Field like pattern when he breaks into the house. Second, when he is floating down to the secret base, it is almost a near-replay of Kaworu invading Terminal Dogma, complete with a rendition of Beethoven's 9th.

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