Kevin Spencer

CTV (ended 2005)
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  • S 8 : Ep 6

    See You in Hell

    Aired 11/6/05

  • S 8 : Ep 6



  • S 8 : Ep 5

    Air Show

    Aired 10/30/05

  • S 8 : Ep 4

    Die a Lot More and Also Once Again

    Aired 10/23/05

  • S 8 : Ep 3

    Hell or High Water

    Aired 10/16/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Greg Lawrence

    Episode Writer

  • Liz MacRae


  • Robin Smith

    the voice of Afroman/ Widow Coulson/ Alcholic Welfare Man

  • David L. McCallum

    Marty the Bartender

  • Norman Mikeal-Berketa

    Dr. Franklin

  • show Description
  • Imagine the television program South Park taken to the next level, with more irreverent humor, more social commentary, more adult content, and more foul language That next level is Kevin Spencer, an animated television program that was on Canada's Comedy Network, starring Kevin, a chain smoking, cough syrup-addicted child from a welfare family. Kevin Spencer was produced by Ottawa-based Ocnus Productions and technically executed by Atomic Productions, a film, video and new media production and post-production company. Saturday Night Live purchased the Kevin Spencer series soon after it launched, but the series subsequently aired on CTV and The Comedy Network. The program uses provocative humor to comment on the social system in Canada, but according to its producer, the main intent is simply to make the viewer laugh at the irreverence and shock-value of the characters and plots. Opening Intro Kevin Spencer Something's wrong with that kid Kevin Spencer His head don't work it never did Something's wrong with that kid He's a chain smokin' alcoholic sociopath Kevin Spencer You better not cross his path Kevin Spencer He's a chain smokin' alcoholic sociopath (Sociopath) Percy: Oh not this crap again. Characters: Kevin E. Spencer: Kevin is a broken-head sociopath hooked on cough syrup and smokes. His only desire in the world is to just fit in. Despite blacking out almost every episode and drinking to the max, he gets right back up to his feet and continues his journey to life. Percy B. Spencer: Percy is Kevin's dad and is often arrested by the cops for fraud, robbery, or just being stupid. If a crisis is at hand, Percy would disguise himself as Drunken Welfare Man to save the day, sort of. Anastasia Spencer: The mother of Kevin and Percy's wife, she too likes to drink a lot and cheat on welfare checks. She gets irritated very easily and often cheats on Percy when he's out at the bar or in jail. Ideally she wants to have the perfect family with Kevin and Percy which is rarely seen in any episodes. Allen the Magic Goose: Allen is Kevin's imaginary friend. He is equally addicted to smokes and booze as his host and often prompts Kevin to procure more. Kevin would pretty much be dead or left in the streets if Allen never existed. Overall he's Kevin's guide through life and is always on hand to give advice and warn the boy about possible danger calamity. Marty the Bartender: He's a standard red-haired Irish bartender who isn't afraid to speak his mind to the Spencers. He also enjoys the money the Spencers keep dishing at him despite knowing that the family are criminals but overall it doesn't bother him too much and he sees this as "just business". The Narrator: He's the voice of the show and the viewer's insider. His active and main role is to narrate what Kevin says and thinks. This also applies to other characters in some cases. Charlie Plunt: He's the man who Anastasia always has an affair with. Charlie has a French accent and is always running away from Percy when he catches the 2 locking lips from time to time. He currently lives in a trailer just outside of town. Some episodes contain quotes with strong language.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (134)

    • Kevin: Boy I hope I get a dog tomorrow. Dad, dad. Can I get a dog?

    • Percy, being chased by the police, see's Anastasia, and it's love at first sight. Percy: Hey baby, wanna get married? Anastasia: I got syphilis. Percy: Who don't?

    • Pete Wilcox: You're a real hansome man Percy. Percy gets scared

    • Slappy approaches Kevin seeking revenge Allen: Release Pete.

    • Percy: Don't tell my lady about the dough. Percy, after seeing Kevin pointing the gun at the squirrel; Percy: Hey boy! Daddy didn't give you your own gun so's you can go around wrecking mine. Percy reacting when he got cut off from workman comp; Percy:Takes more than the stupid gov't to bring down Percy Spencer.

    • Drunken Welfare Man's theme He's coming to save the day He can do stains and drunken sway He got so misty he can hardly stand He's the Drunken Welfare Man!

    • Percy: Yo 911 here, make me laugh. Charlie: Hey Percy, it's Charlie. How's it feel being a big ol' hero? Percy: Pretty sweet. I haven't had to pay for a drink in 3 days. I'm famous. Charlie: You should get yourself a costume like a real superhero. Percy: There's an idea. Oops, got a call on the other line. Gotta go Charlie. Appearently there's some kid on fire somewhere. No way I'm missing this one.

    • Teacher: Who can tell us about free speach? Timmy: If free speach really exist how come I can't tell you 'go to hell' anytime I want?

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    Notes (145)

    • Pilot only available on dvd.

    • Calendar is dated August 1997. Which means he was born in 1987.

    • Kevin speaks in the pilot.

    • Kevin is 9 years old, turning 10. His birthday is August 26.

    • Episode explains how he was dubbed a sociopath.

    • The whole pilot is drawn in pencil and isn't animated; it's entirely sketched.

    • Slappy is Dave (Bigelow)'s nickname as he's the director of Kevin Spencer. Also notes the first crew memeber to have a character named after him as creator Greg Lawrence too had an episode about himself later on in season 6.

    • Allen shows up near the end of the episode telling Kevin to take actions against Slappy.

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    Trivia (16)

    • In this episode they say the word F-ing instead of the usual word F***ing

    • Percy gets paid $50 for 6 rounds and the forman told him its $200 total. Percy is supposed to get $300 not 200 and they say Percy is dumb.

    • This is the first time you get to see nudity in the Kevin Spencer Show.

    • The water Percy drank should've evaporated since according to Boris they were underground for 30 years.

    • This Holloween special is aired on X-Mas Eve. What's up with that?

    • Earlier in the program, Kevin destroyed the tv by shooting at it with his gun. Later, the tv is back with no bullet wholes nor is it damaged.

    • When Kevin was choking, at first it looked like Allen was also choking. But it quickly became clear that Allen was laughing and coughing at Kevin.

    • Lucas quit as Pepper's cameraman early in the program. Later in the Junos, he's back and rolling his camera and who's talking on the mic? It's Pepper once again.

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    Allusions (48)

    • Pete Wilcox: Paul said unto Jeremiah...
      Possibly a passage from Jeremiah 1:4-5

    • Principal: n/a
      The principal looks almost identical to Principal McVicker from Beavis and Butt-Head.

    • Pete Wilcox: ...Maurice Chevalier's luggage.
      MC is perhaps the greatest international entertainer of the 20th century. A legend in his native country of France, he was beloved throughout the world.

    • Kevin: Psycho reference
      When Kevin passed out on the floor and a big spill of red paint near him came from the horror movie Psycho. The difference is Kevin wasn't dead and neither struck in the head by a weapon. And in Psycho the victim's head gushed out a lot of blood instead of paint.

    • Percy: Time to pay the piper.
      Former wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper is the one who came up with this line.

    • visual: frog
      The frog is a homage to the dancin/singing frog from the WB.

    • Percy: I'm king of the world!
      This line was also used in Titanic when Rose was at the front of the ship with Jack and extending her arms like she was flying and screamed out that line. That scene alone spawned many spoofs and parodies.

    • title: Bruno Gerussi Must Die
      A reference to the martial arts action movie Romeo Must Die starring Jet Li. The episode and plots are not in any way connected with the movie, just the title.

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  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • Good Show actually

    By MaggotFelidane, Jun 27, 2010

  • It was a wonderful show, and now it is not.

    By fyves, Dec 19, 2005

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