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  • 9.5

    Canceled WOW!

    By gracielove, Nov 10, 2012

    They should have done it like this, every two weeks a different person gets "Kidnapped" and go through the entire story.

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  • 5.0

    I have had enough!

    By PrissyTomboy, Jan 21, 2012

    I started watching this show under the premise that Knapp would be the center of every episode. I really would have liked the producer to make each episode about Knapps unorthodox way of finding his victims. I was thoroughly disappointed when I realized this was all about one rich family. The pilot was a tease. The scene where he recovers and delivers the kidnapped victim and gets his pay. I felt duped into watching this show and compelled to finish it after already watching 3 episodes.moreless

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  • 10

    EXCELLENT Series- You know how u wish sometimes that a movie would keep going for hours? This was like one big long 13 hourish movie filled w/ suspense, mystery, and kick ass cast!!!!!!!

    By angelcrane, Dec 12, 2011

    Why no more???? We need more of this show!! Me and my family love this show as well. The style of filming done here is awesome and not on your everyday show.........I can't believe they wouldn't have 9 or 10 more seasons of this show. Latimer could join Knapp and Turner. They did give up on on excellent show b4 it really even go started good. There are so many good directions to go w/ this I hope it will be reconsidered and air again. I tell the truth not a whole lot of tv these days is this intriguing and makes u Have to watch! LOL THis show did and I want it Back!!!moreless

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    Series is about kidnapping of the son from the rich family, the Cains.Cains need someone to find Leo (son),so they call exspert from retrieving kidnapped children, Mr.Knapp.Soon the word spread,including FBI and newspapers.Is it possible to find Leo?

    By mangateam, Dec 02, 2009

    Great show - good actors, nice plot and, what is most important, spectacular ending. I liked Knapp the most. I just love his words, that he's bad with people, but he's good in finding them. Action was great - every episode was with suspens and till to the end I wasn't sure, why Leo was kidnapped - so many possibilities and so many suspects... Turner was also funny - she mentioned that she's not with Knapp so many times, that I thought that she would wanted it :) What a shame that there is only one season. I want more!!!moreless

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  • 8.0

    Nice little series, makes for a great DVD package.

    By noelveiga, Mar 30, 2009

    Kidnapped was saved by cancellation from becoming the next one-season wonder. As it is, it's a great DVD package to use for detox in between Lost episodes.

    What was Prison Break lite from the get-go was taken to closure and done so in ways that make sense and are satisfying, with very little rush and a clear overall plan.

    Acting is the highlight of the series. Every character is given stuff to do and every actor has the range to do it. Delroy Lindo is a blast, as always, and has more scenes, I mean real SCENES, than most leads in five season series. The rest of the cast keeps up nicely.

    My one gripe, other than the obvious lack of money to finish the last few episodes, which shows in some of the action, but not in the acting, is the damn focus. If your people can't nail the focus, widen the depth. So much stuff is out of focus all the time I can't believe they didn't bring somebody in to fix it midseason. A few other student film solutions can also be found here and there, including a few digital zooms, reframings, that kind of stuff. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you won't notice.

    Other than that, nice thriller. I don't really know why it wasn't a contender against the likes of a tired 24 or a frankly uninteresting Prison Break, but the fact that it was kept to a neat 13 episodes is not all bad.moreless

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    Bring it back!!! They should come back with another season.Me and my family thought it was a really great show.

    By Mandy7161979, Aug 20, 2008

    The way the movie ended was like they were going to make another season but they didn't.It was very upsetting when we found out that they took it off the air.Me and my family hope that it will come back.It was a very decent show.No naked people,not alot of cursing .All around awesome Show!!

    The cast was great and the plot of the show was always changing.You never knew what was going to happen next or who was involved.It had alot of twist and turns which made it one of the better TV shows out there.So WE want it BACK!!

    Awesome awesome SHOW!!!moreless

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  • 8.8

    Not bad

    By jacobp76, Jan 10, 2008

    his was the best thing I've seen on TV in a long time. The casting, direction, music..... everything was excellent. It was too bad I had to watch the remaining episodes online at, but we were all thankful we could at least see them. NBC made a huge mistake in cancelling this show. This was a show that we all looked forward to week after week. It was not just another Law & Order. Even though I love Law & Order, it is just so predictable. That's what made Kidnapped great....all of the twists and turns. We are all hoping it comes out on DVD. I'll buy it even though I've already seen it .... especially if they add back in episodes that were not shown! :)moreless

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  • 10

    awesome show

    By dark-phantom81, Aug 24, 2007

    the most surprising thing about the show was the kidnapped victim himself.Leopold Cain is easily the most intriguing teenager ever put on televisions.he suffers quietly, never giving in, never panicking, always setting his brilliant mind to find the loopholes and minor mistake of his is tenacity and genius that keeps him alive as long as it does.the other fascinating thing about the show is the family dynamics.the Cain's are wealthly, intelligent, influential and quirky.there are as many skeletons in the closet as there are people who hate them, and believe me, there are far too many for comfort.this intense crime drama is the creme de la creme of network TV.when you consider the excellence in which this show is produced and written, you can become both thrilled and saddened.thrilled because a show like this is joining a select few other dramas in attempting to rid some of us of the mindless deluge of reality and junk TV.saddened because due to lazy marketing and unenthusiastic promotion on NBC's part, this outstanding show has apparently met with it's untimely end.hopefully it will be out on DVD really need to get it and watch.then you'll curse NBC as often as i do for cutting short the life of such an outstanding show.moreless

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  • 9.5

    This show was amazing, I was hooked when I caught an episode one night. I went to watch it one night and it was not on. I was worried that I would never see how it ended. Jeremy Sisto is an amazing actor how protrays Knapp really well.

    By blueheros, May 19, 2007

    This show was very interesting, I was hooked right away. I do not understand why it was cancelled. I went out the night that the DVD box set was released, and bought it. It only took me 3 days to watch all 13 episodes. I wish that they would bring the show back, many people believe that there is no where for it to go, but I believe there is a world of possibilities. There are many different ways for kidnaps to happen. The different characters have room to expand if there were more seasons, the only characters that I do not see a future for in this series is the Cain family. King could join Knapp in the fight to save people who are kidnapped. The depth that the story lines could be taken seem infinite. I guess all of the dedicated fans will have to live with is fanfiction.moreless

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