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    I love this show. Bring it back please.

    By shymande69, Oct 08, 2008

    I loved this show when I was growing up. I wish they would air again and I promise that I would watch it again. It was the best show that I ever seen. I loved all the shows and the kids they put on there. They all did a great job. It was always interesting what they would always come up with next. I always wondered what happened to everyone that had starred on the show. One day they should do something like that. Please bring back the show. I'm a huge fan. I miss watching it everyday. Thank you.moreless

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    OMG! I would love to watch this show again, if just to reminisce. I used to watch it all the time.

    By sunshyn256, Feb 21, 2008

    I loved this show just because it was fun. I honestly don't remember a whole lots of any plot. But the kids singing in their fingerless gloves and dancing it was just fun. I would not like it now probably due to the immature nature but I would love for my child to watch this show or a show that has certain pure similarities. Shows today I find kind of obnoxious for the most part, nothing like what I grew up with. But I imagine that my mother said and still says the same things about shows that I watched and still watch!moreless

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    How positively the characters were portrayed.

    By glickmam, Apr 11, 2007

    The kids on this show were portrayed as very smart children and indeed, they often solved problems on their own, without the need of a grown-up. Sure, some of the storylines were a little childish, such as when Stacy and the Kid encountered a leprechaun trying to learn how to play rock 'n' roll, or when Richie tried to help a lost girl find grandmother, only to later realize she was actually Little Red Riding Hood. But there were other, more serious episodes, such as when Ana was trying to deal with the pain of her parents' divorce, or when Robin was getting picked on and called for guest star Billy Blanks to teach her karate.moreless

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    Mildly interesting

    By yuki_megami, Nov 28, 2006

    Kids Incoporated.....hmmm.....its been an long time since I had seen this show.I had seen this show since I was an little kid.It is about kids talent and stuff happened.Also they sing the songs from artist only their verisons which is sort due to episodes time I guess.I believed that some music stars had started their career here.Ok been an while I don't really remembered this.This show came out before I was born.*sigh* I doubt I can remembered everything to say in review.However it was mildly interesting and it was great.moreless

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    The show was NOT on Nickelodeon, and you shouldn't review shows you don't know a thing about!

    By Dauthor, Apr 21, 2006

    They don't make shows like this anymore. It deserves nothing less than a 10. Kids Incorporated was a show that made music fun for kids without watering it down and still has an huge loyal fanbase today. Many of its talented cast members have had successful careers in music and acting. It was even nominated for several Emmys! I am one of many people who fondly remember the show even today.

    P.S.Why are illiterate 10-yr-olds allowed to write reviews? What I'M sorry for are the idiots that think this show was on Nickelodeon! Don't review a show that you know nothing about!moreless

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    look i only like cause fergie from the black eyed peas is in this (stacy ferguson)please show one episode because i couldnt see it not even if i was 1 week old cause i was born in 1994 and it finnished in 1993 please show an episode i will be

    By fergiefergs, Apr 20, 2006

    look i only like cause fergie from the black eyed peas is in this (stacy ferguson)please show one episode because i couldnt see it not even if i was 1 week old cause i was born in 1994 and it finnished in 1993 please show an episode i will be grateful i am sorry to all you people that are loving this show but yeah im sorry so yeh black eyed peas are ok for my opinion. it rocks this show even if i havent seen the show. well i think this show is nickelodeon. bring it back!!


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    Summary of what Kids Incorporated was about.

    By Arisja, Jul 08, 2005

    The line "We're Kids Incorporated, K-I-D-S yeah!" is forever in mostly every child of the 80's heads. From the minute someone remembers what Kids Incorporated was about, that's the first line that is belted out of their mouths.

    Kids Incorporated was more than a show of great music. It was a show of how essential your friends are in your life and how they will always be there for you no matter how bad the problem is. Sure some episodes were farfetched such as "The Leprechaun" or "Mr. Angel" (as Dawne would say), but it was good fun and that's what was great about it.

    To some it's hard to relate to stories that are written within 3 walls, but to others it was an outlook that many needed.

    The music was great and they sang all the current hits of the time including some golden oldies. The music was wonderful and in most cases, better than the original artists!

    Through my site,, I have heard from so many fans that had problems when they were younger. Problems ranged from having no friends, all the way to having cancer. Whatever it was for those people, this show helped them out.

    The show dealt with a lot of kid and teen problems such as fights, drugs, family deaths, gangs, etc. And even though each episode was 22 minutes long, some form of resolution always came out at the end and helped many people.

    Some notable KI Alumni stars are still around today such as Stacy Ferguson (Fergie from the Black-eyed Peas), Eric Balfour whom was on "Six Feet Under" and is currently in a band called "Fredalba" and will be starring in the Fall on a new show on UPN; Jennifer Love Hewitt has been in numerous movies as well as starting her new show "Ghost Whiserper" in the Fall on CBS; Martika (known as 'Gloria')is in a new band called "Oppera" with her husband Michael Mozart, and many other stars from the show have made it as well.

    If you want to know more about Kids Incorporated and want to reminisce, check out It is an unofficial Kids Incorporated website which has mp3’s, video’s, episode guides, pictures and more! I hope you enjoy it!


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  • 7.9

    I loved this show! I looked forward to the opening song. It's like M.M.C. show. That was cute too. I mostly liked the music! It gave me

    a positive show to watch when i was sad. I like shows with kids and music.

    By logic12005, Jun 22, 2005

    Thanks for bringing back the 8o's fun shows.

    It was very cute for that year. I liked the special guest stars too. I forgot who they were?

    Even though it was a-lot like M.M.C, i still loved it. I would watch it again even if they did update the music.Thanks for the fun.

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