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  • 5.3

    Just your average cop show

    By allyp182, Sep 17, 2007

    Killer Instinct is about a male lead cop whose a loner in the field. His hanger-on partner does her best to give all that she's good for: following on the heels of the loner's footsteps and tailing his car whenever he runs off to be the hero and catch the bad guy on his own. Sound familiar? Yeah, identical to all the other crime dramas out there.

    The cases were interesting but you could generally guess the twist about 15 minutes during the show. There was nothing unique about the characters - they were all stereotypes, the murders were overtly gruesome, the victims were scantily clad vulnerable women and the cast had no chemistry. Johnny Messner and Kristen Lehman were so dull and unemotive.

    Jack Hale, the main character is bland and unrealistic - almost vigilante-like. In one episode, where the victims of a serial killer are bitten with poisonous spiders, he plants a poisonous spider on the killer. Jack's father is a serial killer, about to be executed - what are the chances that the police academy would let him in? For better shows that treat the same subject with more class and intelligence, I recommend Criminal Minds and the unjustly canceled The Inside. Those shows have better acting, more interesting cases, more unique characters, more surprising & hard to guess plot twists and more intelligent writing.moreless

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  • 10

    best show i have ever seen

    By juliopipa, Aug 31, 2007

    i really liked the show and i still watch it on fox every friday. carter and hale where one of the best partners i have ever seen on tv.

    the thing that i enjoyed most about the show was how hale was always there to help out carter.

    now all i can hope for is for both of them to have sucesfull carrers and hopefully i will se them together again in the same show fighting crime and helping out each other.

    i am sorry if you dont understand very well but i am from colombia and i am not a very good writer.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Never had a chance to gain a good following...

    By SnowWhite80, Aug 25, 2007

    I think if they'd aired it for longer & promoted it better that this could've taken off like CSI or Bones did. I really liked this show & was so dissapointed to see it go. I'm not surprised it was cancelled, it seems to be the trend the past few years to cancel good shows & keep bad ones. I'd be happy to see Killer Instinct make a come back some day, but I doubt it'll happen. Great cast & great storylines... Sorry to see it go the way so many others have. STOP cancelling shows without giving them a chance people!!! We want our TV back, it's scary to get attached to a show nowadays... You might not ever know how it all ends. lol.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Some people just didn't realise how good it is.

    By Caramel-Chan, May 28, 2007

    Why why why did this brilliant show get axed! It was the same as CSI but with more interesting crimes for the fearless detective's to solve. In fact, it's just all round better than CSI (not the classic episodes perhaps, but it's a lot better than the current season) but you don't see CBS cutting that from the schedule, do you? It's such a shame when good shows like this are not continued, especially this one. It had action, chemistry, fun and tonnes of potential. If only FOX could see it and learn to love this show as much as we do.moreless

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  • 10

    I have never given a show other than CSI a 10. The time has come to give it again.

    By Pucktweety, May 09, 2007

    This show pleases me beyond words. The chemistry between the two partners. The amazing story lines. The great murder twits.

    No words can cover how I felt when this ended. I loved every single episode. Like the storylines where beyond the normal television.

    Everything was so different and I have no idea why they cancelled it. It was a great show. Great acting, Great characters. I loved it.

    Amazing Amazing Amazing.

    I especially loved the twists, the way you could never know who did the killing at the start of the programme. Plus the fact the murders where so interesting and different.

    I have not seen anything like this before and I wish to see ALOT more of it. Unfortunately I can only pray it will come back!moreless

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  • 10

    killer instinct is the best show eva!

    By laurenlovergirl, Mar 22, 2007

    killer instinct is about Det.Jack Hale ( Johnny Messner) and Det.Danielle Carter (Kristin Lehman) in the deviant crime unit its their job to go and stop the most deviant criminals in san francisco(SFPD)Hale has a hard time because his farther is a serial killer on death row and is still recovering from his lastest partners death and Carter is getting ready to join the team. i think kristin lehman is a better female lead than the other female because her and johnny make a good team and i hope to see them in the future work together agian. bring killer instinct back please!!!!moreless

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  • 9.9

    Very interesting show.

    By mexicanslayer, Feb 22, 2007

    In my opinion this show was great even though there are currently a lot of shows about crime investigations i believe this had some thing diferent because the show had really weird cases in every single episode, which no other show does, i mean other show like CSI show weird cases now and then but this tv program did it always and that is why i liked a lot. I really believe this show had a lot of potencial and if it were given more time maybe it would had received more attention by the tv viewers. I know that it probably wont air again but it really was a great show.moreless

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  • 10

    I love this show because it's better then the 3x CSI.

    By missqueen, Jun 29, 2006

    It's better because the cops have issues in their personal life, and they bring that to work with them. It has more feeliings then the other shows. To me it should be on forever like for at least 4-? more seasons. It also has really cute people on it like Jonny Messner. That is just a small part in me liking it though. So, I think it's underappreciated because after like a couple shows Fox droped it. I think the should keep it going again. That is what I like about Killer Instinct, and I hope it returns to T.V.


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  • 10

    come on people you have to bring killer instinct back!! it was one of the best crime shows ever!! i loved it.. big mistake taking it off.. the othes are ok but this one was the COOLEST!!

    By charmed4life13, May 16, 2006

    killer instinct with DET. Jack Hale (Johnny Messner) as the leading role char. was the best. I watched this show every week it was on never missed an episode. Now its over that is not fair at all to us fans. I want it to come back on agian there has to be more seasons than the 1.. OK so it didnt get enough viwers but that dosent mean that it was a bad show most of the people prob didnt know about it.. If I were FOX I would make a 2ed season and let it fly with colors!!moreless

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