Kim Possible

A Sitch in Time: Future (3)

Season 2, Ep 18, Aired 11/28/03
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  • Episode Description
  • Fast forward to Shegoton, where Shego rules the world and green is the new black. Kim and Ron must travel in time to team up with their now-grown up friends to destroy the Tempus Simian Monkey Idol and restore the space-time continuim before all ends up in chaos in the Future with Shego as the new world ruler!

  • Cast & Crew
  • Nancy Cartwright


  • Will Friedle

    Ron Stoppable

  • Rider Strong

    Brick Flagg

  • Gary Cole

    Dr. Possible (voice)

  • Christy Carlson Romano

    Kim Possible (as Christy Carlson Romano)

  • Fan Reviews (4)
  • This episode is about turning the present how it is suposed to be.

    By glostlover, Jan 28, 2007

  • Wonderful!

    By Shard2005, Dec 12, 2005

  • This episode was very well written. It was humors and action packed. All of the characters were pretty cool even the villians. The animation was great, and Ron and Shego really shined here. The episode over all was just brilliant. I loved it, it\'s one of

    By Stuwiebrianfan, Oct 12, 2005

  • Kim, with Ron in tow, travels to future Middleton, where Shego has become the supreme ruler. Now they must team up with the future versions of their friends to bring her down and restore the time stream.

    By EJMIV, Jun 30, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (23)

    • (Shego grabs Kim to stop her from returning to the past.) Shego: No way! (Kim kicks Shego in the face.) Kim: Yes way!

    • (Ron keeps pointing fingers at Shego for being the cause of his problems) Drakken: Hey! No one touches the Supreme One! (Ron grabs Drakken by the arm) Whoa! (Ron flings Drakken across the room)

    • Ron: (To Shego) You are the reason why I had to eat meat cakes?!!

    • Ron: That's not fair! Shego: Maybe, but I got the muscle to prove it. (Drakken flexes his muscles.)

    • (After Time Monkey is destroyed and scene changes back to present) Ron: KP, our future is...(Wave of time goes through them; Kim and & he hold their heads) Oh, brain freeze. (Rufus shakes his head) Kim: The. . . the future? Ron: What was that, KP? Kim: Something. . . something about the future. Ron: Uh, yeah! I was saying the future is bright! Kim: Yeah, Ron. Yeah. It really is. Ron: Yep, and I hate meat cakes! Kim: Huh? Ron: No idea why I said that!

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    Notes (1)

    • Animation Production by: Starburst Animation Co., Ltd First aired as part of the Disney Channel TV movie A Sitch in Time (11/28/03).

    Trivia (5)

    • When this episode airs by itself instead of the movie, the scene where Ron asked Wade if he had a matter transporter is cut out.

    • When Jim says, "Sorry dude," the background of the center of the place is used.

    • In the Kimminator Mark 12, there's a closeup of two switches being flipped. In the wide shot where the third one should be flipped, Tim's finger moves to flip a switch, but is placed wrong, hovering over the other two rather than the third.

    • When Kim and Ron are discovered in the high school, Ron's freckles are all but missing around the time the cuffs come up.

    • When it goes back to the first day of school, and Kim says "Future?" (after Ron's "Brain freeze!"), her necklace becomes a triangular shape instead of a circle.

    Allusions (9)

    • The Terminator: The name of Tim and Jim's ship, the Kiminator, is a play off of Arnold Shwarzenegger's The Terminator, in which a race of machines has taken over the world in the future and has sent a machine back in time to eliminate the man who will eventually lead the human race to freedom, similar to the plot in this movie. Since that movie, practically anything Arnold touches gets stuck with the "-inator" suffix.

    • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Before stepping into the time portal to head to the future, Kim says to Rufus 3000, "Let's Warp!...or whatever you call it." The deeply-toned actor who voices Rufus 3000 is the great Michael Dorn. He is most famous for portraying the stern Klingon, Lieutenant Worf, in Star Trek: The Next Generation, in which space was travelled at "warp" speed.

    • Planet of the Apes: When Ron discovers that the ruins in Shegoton are those of Bueno Nacho, his reaction is quite reminiscent of Charlton Heston finding the Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes.

    • Future Tim: I'm Sonny Tim. He's Sonny Jim. This is a reference to Jim Henson's Muppet comedy "Muppet Treasure Island", in which a dying Billy bones grabs Gonzo by the nose and says "Oh, Jimmy-Jim-Jim-Jim-Jim" to which Gonzo responds "I'm not Jimmy-Jim-Jim-Jim-Jim, he's Jimmy-Jim-Jim-Jim-Jim".

    • War of the Worlds: The small drones used to carry Ron and Kim to the "Attitude Adjustment Center" are mini-replicas of the ships used in the 1953 film, War of the Worlds.

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