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Quotes (19)

  • Bonnie: Hold up Mr. Bad Accent Guy.

  • Ron: (to Pixie group) We must defend what is rightfully ours. We must conquer every other troop. We must. . .get more muffins, because we ate all of ours.

  • Barkin: I knew you were trouble ever since the funny look incident. Ron: Yes! I knew I was right!

  • Ron: (to Kim after activating bondo-ball) No harm done. We're not shrinking, changing colors, or turning into armadillos.

  • Wade: (of bondo-ball) I'll analyze it to find out what it is. Ron: (tossing bondo-ball to himself) Until then, I'll keep it safe. Kim: Be careful. Just don't— Ron: Drop it? Give me a little credit, Kim. I'm not a total... (drops bondo-ball) Kim: Klutz?

  • Ron: We've got to save Kim…and Bonnie, too. I guess.

  • Barkin: Bolivia. The land of sour brut and schnitzel.

  • Barkin: Your heart's in the right place, Stoppable, but your rhymes are wack.

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Notes (3)

  • This episode was voted #7 in the "Kim Possible Click it to Pick it: So the Countdown".

  • Clips from this episode were shown on Family Channel.

  • Animation Production by: Rough Draft Korea Co., LTD

Trivia (10)

  • Bonnie's gloves mysteriously disappear while she and Kim fight Dementor. Additionally, they have also changed shape from mittens (seen before the girls are captured) to regular gloves.

  • When Wade calls Kim on the Kimmunicator after Ron and Barkin get stuck together, Ron temporarily moves to the other side of Barkin, which should be impossible based on the nature of the adhesive substance.

  • Instead of wearing his usual tan pants, Ron is wearing his darker mission outfit pants for the entire episode.

  • When Kim and Bonnie are in Kim's room, you can see a door and Dr. Possible passing by it. However, it has seen in every other episode that the way to enter into Kim's room is by going up a flight of stairs.

  • After Mr.Barkin tells his scout about the invading troops, he turns the lights on and the projector off, but the image remains on the projector board.

  • When Mr.Barkin turns on the projector to show the invading scouts, he and Ron step into the path of the projection, yet the image is still clearly seen by the other scouts.

  • When Kim and Bonnie got captured by Dementor, Kim had her snowsuit on, but when she was tied up in his lair, Kim was wearing her mission clothes instead of her snowsuit.

  • When Kim and Bonnie were climbing the cliff, Wade calls Kim on the Kimmunicator. When she takes out her kimunicator, she has an un-gloved hand, but when we see her climbing again, her hand is gloved.

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Allusions (6)

  • Family Guy: While stuck together, Barkin swims while Ron can't keep up in the pool. An episode of Family Guy, "Stuck Together, Torn Apart." Brian was bonded with Stewie (on both hands), at the swimming part where Brain swims while Stewie can't keep up. Interestingly enough, Patrick Warburton, who voices Mr. Barkin, also voices Joe on Family Guy. Christy Carlson Romano (Kim) and Nicole Sullivan (Shego) have also guest starred on the show.

  • Dementor: Don't you see the security beams? The security beams resemble the security field protecting the nanites in the movie I, Robot.

  • The Emperor’s New Groove: Mr. Barkin, who is voices by Patrick Warburton, leads the girl scout troops in this episode, though they’re called the Pixie Scouts; in The Emperor’s New Groove, Patrick Warburton provides the voice of Kronk, who also leads a girl scout troop, complete with similar squirrel-communication skills that Mr. Barkin had.

  • Hulk: The giant weiner dogs are remnent of the Hulk-dogs from The Hulk (though the mutant dogs first appeared in the Hulk comic book three-parter "The Dogs of War")

  • Ron: It’s all part of the great circle of life. This is a reference to the 1994 Disney film The Lion King, in which the circle of life played an important role in that film. This is supported by the fact that Ron was too close to a lion’s cage and was nearly mauled by the lion shortly after he said those words.

  • Prof. Dementor: So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! A song from the classic Sound of Music