Kim Possible

Clean Slate

Season 4, Ep 17, Aired 7/28/07
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  • Episode Description
  • During a fight with Drakken and Shego, Kim gets amnesia and loses all of her memories. Ron now takes on the task of getting her back to her usual self. Meanwhile, Drakken comes up with a plan to turn the military into his slaves.

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  • Kim loses her memory and must gain it back while Drakken tries to use his mind controlling serum to turn the military into his slaves.

    By Gryphon-Guide, May 08, 2014

  • Well i had thought this was an ok episode but i like the idea that she lost her memory.

    By possible234, Aug 31, 2007

  • Kim loses her memory

    By Llama_guy, Aug 01, 2007

  • An episode you won't forget (no pun intended)

    By EddyBob15, Jul 29, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (18)

    • Drakken: (writing on cards) Go to hospital, steal machine, remember foolproof plan. Shego: Oh, no. No! You are not going to become one of those list guys. That is so lame. Drakken: (writing on a card) it.

    • (Ron arrives at Kim's house) Ron: Morning, Mr. Dr. P, Mrs. Dr. P. So, any progress? Mrs. Dr. Possible: Good news, most of Kim's basic memory's been restored. Mr. Dr. Possible: But there was a little mix-up between the dishwasher and bathtub this morning. Mrs. Dr. Possible: Worked out fine. Kimmy and the dishes all got clean. Ron: Oh, but what about? Mr. Dr. Possible: Don't worry, the forks and knifes were in the face-down position.

    • (As Ron is taking Kim to school) Mrs. Dr. Possible: Oh, Ron, one thing. Ron: Not to worry. I'll have KP back in time for dinner. After school, I'll give her a refresher around Middleton. It'll be like a second first date. Kim: Are you hitting on me? Ron: Um, Kim, we are dating. I'm your boyfriend. Kim: Boyfriend? (Giggles) Oh, wait you're serious? Ron: Oh, that wasn't painful at all.

    • (After Drakken is foiled) Shego: Oddly enough, I have a card for this: "Dr. D fails." Drakken: Grrrrr.

    • Drakken: (reading his cards) First, we break into the lab, steal the M.R.M, I remember my foolproof plan, and then, we bowl with the henchmen. No, wait, bowling is tomorrow. These cards are out of order!

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    Notes (1)

    • This episode first aired in New Zealand on July 4th, 2007.

    Trivia (8)

    • The clips of Ron losing his pants came from the episodes Crush, Grudge Match, Exchange, Bonding, Hidden Talent, Grande Size Me, Sick Day, Dimension Twist, Emotion Sickness, and Monkey Fist Strikes.

    • In one shot when Drakken is looking around a corner in the hospital, you can see one of his eyes is completely black, while the other one the normal color.

    • In the pic that Ron shows Kim at Bueno Nacho to help her remember that they are dating, Kim is wearing earrings and her dress isn't destroyed at the bottom like it was in the movie So the Drama, and the episode Ill Suited.

    • When Kim mentions Ron calling her about a dream he had, she is referencing the very first events in the episode Ill-Suited.

    • Two of the flashbacks in which Kim remembered Ron losing his pants originated from the episode Exchange. Kim, however, was never there, so she couldn't have remembered those incidents.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Bionic Six: The cartoon Bionic Six had a two-parter episode also called Clean Slate.

    • Dancing with the Stars: When Shego mentions the show Ballroom with B Actors, she is making a parody of the real-life show Dancing with the Stars.

    • Episode Title: Clean Slate The title of this episode is the same name of a 1994 film staring Dana Carvey where each morning he loses his memory.

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