Oh No! Yono!

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  • 9.5

    A few flaws, but overall a great episode...

    By bbqsauce13, Apr 29, 2010

    Yes, my summary says it all. So far, this episode has to be my favorite from season four. The whole "dark" theme of this episode was very uncharacteristic of a Kim Possible episode, but the producers somehow pulled it off. I liked every plotline of the episode, especially the one where Kim and Ron played detective in trying to find out about Hana's history. The fact that Kim and Ron had to save every single artifact in that museum sorta annoyed me, but they're heroes, aren't they? I guess that comes with the job. I have to admit that seeing Hana again was nice. While I don't particularly care for babies that much, she pulls it off. The fact that she makes jokes sometimes makes her okay by me. And then there was the climatic battle at the ninja school. The fact that Kim, Yori, and Rufus were defeated so easily sorta gave me the feeling that they were rushing things. That opened the door for Ron and Hana to save the day. When several of the main characters were turned to stone, you just can't help but know that they would be alright. I mean what's Kim Possible without Kim Possible? The way Ron reacted to Kim being turned into stone was the obvious reaction for anyone in his position. Kudos to the writers for realizing that. The main thing that ticked me off in this one was how easily Yono the Destroyer gave up. Hana was just dodging his zaps, why should he give up? I just don't understand that one. And I have to admit that seeing Monkey Fist defeated for what seems to be last time excited me. I have never been a fan of Monkey Fist, but still, having him go down in such a major fashion was nice to see. To amp it up even more, maybe they could have shown a close up of his face when he was going into the ground as though that was his official "good bye". Well, the series is coming to an end, and I couldn't think of a better episode to do that. Sure there are a few more, but I doubt anything (except the finale itself) will match up to this one.

    Overall: 9.5/10moreless

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  • 8.9


    By blackwolf_13, Oct 10, 2007

    I liked this episode. I had a very interersting plot and a good twist ending. Ron is trying his best to be a good big brother but feels like he's failing. And when he learns that he's supposed to be her mentor he doesn't think he'd be good enough since he seems having trouble teaching her the simplest of tasks. Then monkey fists finds out that Ron's baby sister is the weapon is the weapon he's been after. When the monkey master he summons is defeated by Ron's sister just by her dancing with some dance Ron showed her from a kiddie show, the Master accepts his defeat and embbeds Monkey Fists in stone w/ him.moreless

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  • 9.4

    No summary.

    By Life_Flamingo, Sep 08, 2007

    This episode was just too amazing. The episode of Kim Possible "Oh No, Yono!", is one of the reasons why I watch this series. I loved when Yono said Page. Reminds me of one of my friends, Paige at school. I deftinely will give this a 9.4. I won't say this is the best best episode of Kim Possible. But one of the reasons just one of the reasons exactly why I watch this series, Kim Possible. I'm really going to miss this show and Yono after watching this episode of the TV series, Kim Possible. I loved it. That's all.moreless

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  • 10

    Just Perfect I loved it

    By nyfan, Sep 03, 2007

    I loved this episode, maybe the best episode ever, defentely the most dark and intense episode.

    I loved the brother / sister moments between Ron and Hana. Hana not only has Ron, she has Kim and Yori who are like big sisters to her as well. Hana kicks some butt in this episode, I would love to see what kind of person she grows into. I think she will take over for Kim and Ron when they decide to call it quits.

    One can't forget Monkey Fist, this is farewell episode, I don't think he is coming back after this. He was a great villain, I will miss him, but he had it coming. He got way to power hungry, and power hungry people most of the time suffer a similar fate.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Favorite episode so far

    By Llama_guy, Jul 08, 2007

    This episode was excellent. I liked the beginning, when Ron was babysitting Hana, and how he tried to teach her dancing and turning pages. And she said her first words: "Page" and eventually "brother" in this episode. It was soo cute and adorable, just like Hana herself. I just love her. And twhen she started walking on the ceiling, I was first like "what the duse is going on?" but then I rememebered, she sin't a normal baby. And that's what Kim and ROn found out after some time too. And Monkey Fist returned. I like that guy. And he was looking for the counterpart to the weapon he was looking for in "Big Bother", which wsa Hana. The counterpart is an evil monkey called Yono the Destroyer, and he has some cool powers, including turning people to stone. And he turned Kim t ostone, so it was Ron and Hana's job to stop him. But a coincidence brought up Ron's laptop with the songs he had taught Hana to dance with, and she started do dance, and managed to avoid Yono's blasts an she defeated Monkey Fist. That kid is truly amazing. I just love her more and more. And when Hana defeated Monkey Fist, Yono surrendered, since his master was defeated, and he turned Monkey Fist to stone and buried him underground, whislt Kim got returned to normal. And then Kim and Ron kiss on the lips. Finally! But Hana had to interrupt them. Too bad. Oen bad thing about Hana. This was my favorite episode of all time. No questions.


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  • 10


    By summergirl4235, Jul 02, 2007

    I loved this episode! It was great to see Ron's baby sister again, she's SO adorable! It all started by seeing her walking on the ceiling.. that was pretty funny! It would be SO weird to see a real baby running around on the ceiling like that, but cute in a way. I knew from the beginning of "Big Bother" that she must have been from that school in Japan, because why else would they adopt a Japanese baby? So Ron could teach her the ways of kung fu, of course! And I was glad to see that after discovering that she was a ninja, Ron still loved her, because she was his baby sister.moreless

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  • 10

    Best episode!

    By kpfan72491, Jul 02, 2007

    OMG I loved this episode. It was so awesome. The thing Hana interupted Kim and Ron's kiss but that's okay cuz we finally saw them kiss this season not counting Ill Suited and hat patheic excuse of a kiss but don't show it on The Mentor of Our Discontent, even though i like the episode. Anyway. I loved how Ron was serious in this episode and how when Kim got turn into stone Ron got really mad. It was so cute when you saw Ron cry. But the kiss was what made it the episode. Sad part I can't get that song out of my head the one that Hana was dancing to.moreless

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