A Bill Full of Dollars

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    Ups and Dows

    By pedroman01, Dec 02, 2013

    This episode overall is pretty good, but there were some boring parts, and I think there should of been more of the B Plot. I am not sure what else could have been done, but I just felt like the A Plot didn't have enough material to sustain as much screen time as it got, and the B Plot was very funny too. There was a lot that happened, but it was jumping all over, going from it being about following Bill to make investments, to Bill being poor and almost two completely different plots, which were strung together. Dale and Bill of course were the heroes of the A Plot, with Bill being his usual depressed self, and Dale had the funny one liners. I actually think it almost would have worked better if it was just a Bill and Dale storyline and have Peggy as part of the B Plot. They could have gotten more into Dale spying on Bill and using it to invest. What was pretty good was the realism of it, and how investing can leave people broke, and do crazy things, both which happened in this episode.moreless

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