King of the Hill

A Firefighting We Will Go

Season 3, Ep 10, Aired 1/12/99
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  • Episode Description
  • Hank and his friends become volunteer firefighters. They manage to wreck a fire hydrant, ruin a funeral, and finally burn down the Arlen firehouse. The guys must explain themselves in order to find the truth. Peggy hurts herself while picking up Bobby but refuses to admit it.

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Herman

    Voice of Buckley, Eustis, various guest characters

  • Toby Huss

    Voice of Cotton Hill, Kahn Souphanousinphone

  • Lauren Tom

    Voice of Minh Souphanousinphone, Connie Souphanousinphone

  • Mike Judge

    Voice of Hank Hill, Boomhauer, Stuart Dooley

  • Kathy Najimy

    Voice of Peggy Hill

  • Fan Reviews (11)
  • On FIRE!

    By pedroman01, Jun 10, 2013

  • See the many comparisons to classic Three Stooges episodes in A Firefighting We Will Go...a must-see for any fan who has watched an episode of Moe, Larry, Curly and/or Shemp/Joe/Curly Joe...

    By BatJane, Feb 08, 2011

  • One of the funniest episodes.

    By cactusjack39, Jan 24, 2009

  • Hank and his pals become volunteer firefighters.

    By CyberCartoon, Jan 28, 2009

  • The four try to become volunteer firemen.

    By walkerdoug, Jul 25, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • Boomhauer (talking about his version of the fire): No, no way, man. Ol' Gribble talkin' that crazy crap, man. I'll tell you what happened. Dang ol' truth, man. ((Flashback)) Dale: Hey, tell you what, the dang ol' detector, man. Talkin' about government take away freedom of smoke, man. Tell you what, dang ol' yo, man. Hank: Hey, man, I'll tell you what, man that dang ol' boy ain't right, man. Talkin' 'bout gonna kick that dang ol' ass, man. Boomhauer: For G-d's sakes, Hank act like an adult, man. And keep it down, guys, will you? I'm trying to get through an article on vintage Camaros and I've been on the same dang page for 20 minutes.

    • Dale (talking about his version of the firehouse fire): Bill had his face buried in a french bread pizza. Hank was giving orders as usual, and Boomhauer thought being a fireman meant a chance to work on his tan. Of course, he didn't realize his tanning lotion had been replaced with some icy hot Hank bought for Peggy's humiliating groin pull. (chuckles) But then the fire alarm went off, and Boomhauer knocked over his tanning lamp as he bolted upright. I raced for the fire truck with lightning speed. ... uh... that's all I remember.

    • Hank: Shut up, all of you. Go to bed. Dale: It's 4:00 in the afternoon. Hank: What did I tell you about talking to me? Bill: Stop the fighting! This is no way to honor the memory of Chet Elderson. Dale: I think I shall honor Chet's memory by plugging in his beloved Alamo Beer sign.

    • Hank: You can't use the fire hose like this. You'll damage the elasticity. Dale: Whatcha got under the foil, Mr. Party Pooper? Some party poop?

    • Bobby (as he has noticed that Peggy is limping; Peggy is denying any such limp): Well, maybe it's from when you pulled your groin picking me up. Peggy: Well son, that is impossible, because ladies do not have groins.

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    Notes (1)

    • This was Buddy Ebsen's last role before his death.

    Trivia (5)

    • Tagline: "Bicky-bi-be-bo-bo-bicky-bi-bo!" -Dale

    • In the initial storyline it shows Hank and Dale arguing by the sign, and Dale was not, at any point testing the fire alarm. Also Boomhauer did not have a lamp close to him to knock over, yet in all their stories these two things happened.

    • While Hank and the other guys are serving as pallbearers for Chet Elderson's funeral, they lose their footing just before reaching the dug-out grave when Hank's glasses (which had previously been stepped on and broken out of spite by Bill during a fight in the firehouse) fall off of his face and the four men end up falling into the grave after Hank attempts to retrieve his glasses and carry the casket at the same time (Dale was not supporting his side of the casket). Hank's glasses are shown to have landed at the edge of the grave. The next scene shows the four guys down in the grave and Hank is wearing his glasses again. Moreover, Hank's glasses are once again intact, whereas before they fell off of his face they had been temporarily repaired with tape.

    • When Dale, Bill and Boomhauer start fighting we see Hank fall on top of them but in the next shot he's underneath them.

    • in Boomhauer's version of the accident he speaks in a "normal" voice and Hank, Dale, & Bill are the the ones who talk too fast.

    Allusions (3)

    • The entire episode is based on what is called the "Rashomon effect" where a single event is witnessed by multiple invidivuals who each give differing but plausible accounts based on their own perspective.

    • After Hank asks if he can sharpen the axes Dale makes a joke referring to a Monty Python skit/song entitled The Lumberjack Song....Dale says "Hank's a lumberjack and he's okay."

    • The Three Stooges Throughout the episode, references to The Three Stooges abound. Starting with the title, "A Fire Fighting We Will Go" is take off on the Stooge's short titled "A Plumbing We Will Go". The basic antics of Hank and the gang trying to be firefighters mirror the Stooges in many of their shorts. The song Dale keeps singing throughout the show is called "The Vowel Song", made by the Stooges for a record they cut near the end of their career. Bill's reference near the end of the episode about how there is an opening for plumbers somewhere else, after they are let go from the fire station, again harkens back to "A Plumbing We Will Go". The episode ends with the trailing notes of "Three Blind Mice", one of the themes used for The Three Stooges. Finally, note that in Bill's re-enactment of the accident, he's completely bald, just like one of the Stooges, Curly.

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