Bill of Sales

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  • 7.0

    Sold on this Episode.

    By pedroman01, Aug 02, 2013

    This episode is a pretty good one. Although not super funny, it does have its moments. It is one of the few episodes where Bill is shown to be pretty good at something, but he definitely is the reason this episode is funny. It goes into a pretty realistic world of Pyramid Schemes. It has Peggy doing her typical better than anyone stuff, which often is annoying but its nice to see when its her downfall. Overall, its a good episode, but there has been much better in this season.moreless

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  • 8.1

    Peggy and Bill form an unlikely alliance when they get caught up in a pyramid scheme.

    By Sillygostly, Sep 19, 2007

    It's no secret that Peggy's gullible and completely naive, and this episode fully demonstrates the depth of her naivety. After being given a taste of managerial responsibility after having worked at "Peggy's Sugarfoots", Peggy gets caught up in the wonderful world of Metalife, a pyramid scheme which sells health food bars, protein shakes etc.

    After having a lot of trouble selling them and enlisting people for help, Peggy turns to her last resort... Bill; whom, in desperation for her attention, sells all her bars/shakes to which Peggy remarks... "Bill, I'm gonna use you." Bill then giggles goofily and being the doormat that he is, happily tags along with Peggy.

    As Bill helps Peggy achieve financial success, the two head off on a business trip, and suddenly, Peggy actually starts treating Bill with respect. After complimenting him and telling him that she "loves" him, Peggy's advances freak Bill out.

    After their little banter, Bill begins treating Peggy the way she used to treat him before they became friends ("I don't fertilize with poo!"), so Peggy takes Bobby and Luannes advice and faces off with Bill in a hilarious (albeit "scripted" ;)) exchange of insults.

    In the end however, Peggy apologizes for treating a "friend" so badly, and Peggy acknowledges that she used Bill to boost her "already healthy esteem".

    All in all, a great episode, fueled largely by Peggy and Bill's awkward relationship.moreless

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