Bill of Sales

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  • 7.0

    Sold on this Episode.

    By pedroman01, Aug 02, 2013

    This episode is a pretty good one. Although not super funny, it does have its moments. It is one of the few episodes where Bill is shown to be pretty good at something, but he definitely is the reason this episode is funny. It goes into a pretty realistic world of Pyramid Schemes. It has Peggy doing her typical better than anyone stuff, which often is annoying but its nice to see when its her downfall. Overall, its a good episode, but there has been much better in this season.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Peggy, being the "idot" she is, gets caught up in a pyramaid sceme and she uses Bill to sell stuff for her.

    By hsimpson44, Nov 12, 2006

    Peggy gets into a pyramaid scheme called Metalife, but she doesn't know it. She hires Hank and Luanne to help her sell stuff. Luanne screws up, and Peggy fires her. Peggy then learns Bill has a nack for selling. She hires him and he quickly gets her into the regionals for selling. Hank then gets himself fired on purpose. Peggy orders 2000 more Metalife bars. She is going to get into the nationals. After Peggy treats Bill nice, he gets confused and quits. Bobby and Luanne tell Peggy Bill likes being treated bad, so she does. She tricks him into going back to work. Peggy works Bill harder than ever. After Bill gets a blister on his foot and it pops, Peggy realizes she has taken advantage of a friend. She fires Bill and apoligizes for treating him like crap.moreless

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