Bwah My Nose

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  • 8.5

    The Nose Knows!

    By pedroman01, Dec 06, 2013

    This is a very good episode of KOTH, and one the best of this final season. It has a very strong plot, is well written, and is actually pretty funny. Hank appears to have some vanity issues, but at the heart he is just afraid of letting down his team again. I think the types of jokes they had were classic Hank stuff. And it was nice to see Cotton in again, even as just a flashback. I highly recommend any KOTH fan to see this episode, as it won't disappoint.moreless

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  • 10

    King of the Hill still has it.

    By Jamesbray, Apr 14, 2009

    I thought this episode was really funny, and was laughing throughout the whole thing. It reminded me a lot actually of the older episodes and It was really refreshing to see an amazing King of the Hill episode. Bill accidentally broke Hank's nose and he had to get surgery, but once he got his new nose, he liked It so much he was scared to play football, because he didn't want to damage his nose. He dosent go to the final game to redeem themselves, until the 4th quarter that is. When he comes back to the game he ends up getting the final point at 0:01 with the score being 15 to 16 them. I just started watching King of the Hill again and I had no idea they still had it in them. Great!moreless

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  • 7.5

    Hank breaks his nose during football practice against their high school rivals, and ends up getting an operation to fix his nose. But then he starts obsessing over it too much to play the game. It's up to everyone to get him to come to his senses.

    By berberdog, Mar 10, 2009

    It was a good episode. Each episode this season is getting better and better. The only thing I thought was wierd is that they made such a fuss over Hank's fixed nose - but it looked no different than before it had been broken. It was drawn exactly the same. I was expecting a completely different looking honker on Hank when I first heard what the episode was going to be about. But, it was still surprisingly good despite that. Besides, they probably didn't want to ultimately change Hank's design. What I thought was interesting is that they had an event at the very ending that took place 1 year later, which they've never done before on the show. I was hoping they would show Bobby in that scene to show if he had matured at all after a year, but oh well. Still a nice episode. :)moreless

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