Doggone Crazy

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  • Anzon: This is not working; I want you to walk like you have an invisible top hat on Hank: You want me to what now? Anzon: TOP HAT!

  • Luanne: I just want to live in a world where Santa can get into your house, but thieves can't!

  • Bobby (as the family wakes up in the middle of the night to Ladybird's hysteric barking. They see no intruders, but Ladybird has destroyed the couch's cushions): I guess after 10 years of not being allowed on the couch she finally SNAPPED!

  • Bill (as the Hills return home to see their house in disarray and call the police, believing they have been robbed): Oh sure; when Hank calls the police they come right over. When I call, they say it's not their job to keep me company.

  • (Anzon de Vries is teaching Hank how to walk Ladybird in the alley while the guys look on) Anzon: No, you must be the leader! Some hacks refer to this as being the alpha dog – I call it being the pack leader dog. Much fresher.

  • (The Hills are watching Bobby's baseball game when he comes up to bat) Hank: It's the bottom of the fifth, so it's an official game. If it starts to rain while Bobby's at bat, it'll end the game and Bobby will get a 'W' without embarrassing himself.

  • (The police are investigating what they think is a break-in at the Hills' house) Police Officer: Most people think it was the person you'd least expect, but we usually find it's the person you MOST expect (looks at Lucky). Hank: Well, I don't know anyone who would want to do this. Police Officer: Really? Because the perpetrator usually happens to be the shadiest looking guy in the room. (tilts his head in Lucky's direction) In this room.

  • Old Man: (to Mr. de Vries) You remind me of a golden retriever I used to have. May I pet you?

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  • Tagline: "Maybe this nutjob actually knows what he's doing." -Oskar de Vries (imitating Hank)