Earthy Girls are Easy

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  • Girl in Band: (on the environment) I was watching a documentary about Antarctica. It was so sad; if all the ice melts, where will the penguins dance?

  • Hank: Well son, congratulations, you've put out your first 'Mr. Strickland' fire. Put out 100 more and you'll be tied with me.

  • Bobby: Wow, dad. Between all the boring stuff you're doing and all the exciting stuff I'm doing, we're gonna save the world!

  • Dale: I guess this is what happens when God gets lazy and humans have to pick up the slack (looking up and yelling). What else do you want from me!??!

  • Peggy: A concert! That's the smartest way for Strickland to get their huevos out of the frying pan I've ever heard of.

  • Dale: Strickland agreed to let me plant trees on land he's not using, Bobby and Joseph agreed to do the work, and I agreed to take the money!

  • Hank: You can't pay someone else to do the work for you! You have to do it yourself. I mean, look at Bobby and Joseph working over there. Dale: What? Joseph doesn't work! Hank: Usually, Bobby doesn't, either.

  • Hank: About that Science teacher of yours. Does he ever talk about 'Going Green'? Bobby: I dunno. Do you ever talk about propane? My point is, he talks about it all the time.

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Trivia (3)

  • Tagline: "Trees, beautiful trees!" -Mr. Strickland

  • Luanne does not appear in this episode.

  • Boomhauer does not have any lines in this episode.

Allusions (4)

  • Strickland: "I'm just like that Indian who say pollution in that old commercial, except instead of crying I got up off my ass and did something about it!"

    The commercial Strickland is referring to is a famous 70's Anti-Pollution PSA featuring Iron Eyes Cody, called Keep America Beautiful.

  • Woman: I just saw a documentary about Antarctica. If all of the ice melts, where will the penguins dance?
    This "documentary" that the woman sees is most likely the cartoon movie "Happy Feet" about dancing penguins.

  • Nancy: You used to pollute, but now you give a hoot; what changed? Famous 1970s slogan "Give a hoot, don't pollute" by Woodsy Owl.

  • The title is an allusion to the 1988 movie Earth Girls Are Easy, a comedy starring Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum.