High Anxiety (2)

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    Who Killed Debbie?

    By pedroman01, Jul 26, 2013

    Part two of this fantastic two parter. As with most two parters on this show, part two is slightly better. Hank goes crazy thinking he is high after one drag. It is quite hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing after the "expired sand" line. I have no clue but it is just such a funny thing. I also like Bobby's punishment at the very end, and how Luanne is convinced Gayle is a girl. A very good plot with a lot of moments that make you laugh. The best of Season 4 by a mile!moreless

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    Funny king of the hill

    By quagmirehogan, Jul 28, 2005

    Funny how Hank freaks out about one puff and then hullcinate about being high. Also funny was when the sheriff got the badmouth at the end. This episode and part one are the two funniest episoes on the series. The only part i didn\'t like is peggy and her stupid crap with restuerant that buck gave them.

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