King of the Ant Hill

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Quotes (10)

  • Hank (after Dale had gotten the swarm of fireants off Bobby, and is now lying in the street): You sacrificed your life to save my son. I guess that makes us even for you ruining my lawn. What am I saying? Of course it makes us even. Dale: While I was blacked out was anything inserted into me? Hank: You're alive? Dale: Answer the question.

  • Dale: If all you're going on is my confession, forget it. I'm simply not credible.

  • Hank: It's not fair! She was so young and green. I never even got a chance to mow her. Peggy: Oh, it'll be okay, Hank. You will grow a new lawn by next year's cinco de mayo. Hank: I can't go through this again. From now on, wood chips and gravel. Peggy: Now, you do not mean that. Boomhauer: That dang ol' ashes to ashes.

  • Bill: You think that's enough? I figure I could top it off with some lighter fluid or something. Hank: Whoa, Bill, you don't want to be mixing and matching your petrochemicals. The propane association .. Dale: It'll be fine, Bill. Burn is burn. Bill: I got to remember that. Hank: I'm telling you, that's dangerous. Propane is what I know best. Dale: Well, it sure ain't lawns.

  • Hank: Oh, no! An anthill on my new lawn! Dale: Oh, so that's what that is. Hank: How did I get fire ants? Dale: I'm only a professional exterminator. I don't know how you get 'em. I only know how you get rid of 'em. Welp, got to go.

  • Hank: Look, some people hoist a flag to show they love our country. Well, my lawn is my flag. It tells the world: Here lives a competent, trustworthy salesman of propane and propane accessories. Without my lawn, I am Bill. Do you want to be married to Bill? Peggy: (shudders) (later) Peggy: Well, mister, you have just installed the finest lawn on the block.

  • Bobby: That chubby ant reminds me of me. Joseph: That's the queen, stupid! Like the one on top of my dad's truck. Bobby: You mean Dale Gribble's truck? Joseph: Yeah my dad's truck.

  • Kahn: Hank Hill! Somebody steal TV Guide out of mailbox! At first I think it Bill. But then I think, can Bill read?

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Notes (1)

  • This episode and "Plastic White Female" were switched on the Season 1 DVD because it was done in production order.

Trivia (11)

  • When Dooley shows up to say "You got ants" he magically appears as he wasn't in the crowd in the previous shot.

  • When Dale is arguing with Hank about the fire ants attack method his pesticide tank disappears, then reappears gray instead of orange.

  • When Dale raises his hat up, he has a full head of hair. A receding hairline to be exact.

  • There is no way Bobby would have been able to say his line with his mouth open and sugar pouring out.

  • For a man who measured the length of grass to make sure the whole lawn was even at the beginning, Hank just kept going over the same spot at the end not even touching the middle.

  • John Redcorn comes with a piece of grass at the end, but it is never shown him giving it to Hank, yet in one shot you see he no longer has any.

  • In the beginning Kahn points out bad spots in Hank's lawn, but in another view in that same scene the grass all looks the same.

  • In this episode it seems as though Bobby knows that Dale is not Joseph's real father, however it is never mentioned again.

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Allusions (2)

  • When Boomhauer gives Hank his piece of sod, he proclaims that Hank is the richest man in the world, "Just like dang ol' Jimmy...yo." The "Jimmy" that he references is most likely Jimmy Stewart, who portrays George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life. At the end of that movie, all of George's friends come together and give him donations, and George is proclaimed "the richest man in town."

  • Dale: That's how they killed L. Ron Hubbard. Lafayette Ron Hubbard was the science fiction writer who founded the controversial Church of Scientology. He wasn't really killed by fire ants as Dale suggests. He died of complications from a stroke.