Life in the Fast Lane, Bobby's Saga

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Quotes (10)

  • Bobby: Jeff Gordon's a race car driver, too!??! I thought he was just a cereal box guy!

  • Dale(About Jimmy): People say he fried his brain one day just staring at the sun. Course, he couldn't have been too smart to do that in the first place -- kind of a chicken/egg thing.

  • Luanne: So okay, we wave this sign around, and Jeff Gordon sees it. Then, he comes up to us in the stands and is so taken by our charms, that he asks one of us to marry him. Peggy: Well, honey, it probably won't be me. I have got a ring on my finger. Luanne: Yeah, and big feet.

  • Jimmy: How would you wanna be my go-to-guy? Bobby: That's me! Jimmy: Okay, first, you go to the men's room and mop out the unirals; then, you go to my cigarettes in my car; then, go to back here.

  • Hank: Bobby, I know we've never talked about this, but some day, I'm going to die. And when that happens, then you can go to cooking school.

  • Bobby: I like Jeff Gordon, he's handsome. Hank: Uh, huh huh huh, Bobby, you joke around like that in public, people are gonna think you ain't right.

  • Hank: Bobby, these checks aren't magic tickets. They represent real money that I -- and to a lesser extent your mother -- worked real hard to earn.

  • Hank: My dad didn't buy me a car when I turned 16 -- he sold me one, and it was a lemon. Taught me the value of a dollar.

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Notes (3)

  • This is the third episode to be someone's "Saga".

  • This episode was originally registered under the title "Bobby the Monkey Boy."

  • On one of the race cars that drives by Hank when he's going after Jimmy Witchard has a Film Roman logo. Film Roman makes this cartoon along with the Simpsons.

Trivia (3)

  • Tagline: "Do it, you monkey boy!" -Jimmy

  • There is no way that Bill could have gotten in Boomhauer's car without him noticing.

  • Before the green flag drops to start the amateur race, the cars were at a standstill. In real-life stock car racing, the cars run a series of parade laps before taking the green flag. Parade laps are run at the same speed as caution laps.

Allusions (1)

  • The licence plate of the cop in the race was "ENTRAP", which is most likely short for entrapment. Entrapment is when police get someone to commit a crime that they wouldn't have done if not for the police, which is essentially what he did to Boomhauer in the opening scene.