Racist Dawg

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  • 8.0

    Racism is NOT cool.

    By pedroman01, Oct 04, 2013

    The first half of this episode was only OK. I wasn't bored, but it just wasn't funny. But the second half was actually extremely funny, especially the doll scene, and the scene where Hank and Peggy are talking while Ladybird is attacking the repair man in the background. I do agree with the one reviewer about how annoying it was that everyone, even Peggy so easily believed he was a racist. Most of them have known Hank for many years, and yet one incident and they accuse him of being racist. If Ladybird had bit two or three black people that is one thing, but he only bit the one, and that really isn't much to go on. I agree that Peggy was really annoying, not only with her hamburger comment ("I know it is (good)"), but also her lack of support. You know if it was the other way she'd be upset Hank wasn't supporting/believing her. I mean, look at the Randy Travis episode. Outside of that, humour wise it was overall very good, if only there were a few laughs at the beginning.moreless

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  • 9.0


    By futuramarama, Nov 24, 2010

    hank is frustrated and must call a black repairman. ladybird seems angry and bits the man, and when word gets out, everyone thinks ladybird is racist. things only get worse when people soon actually suspect hank is the racist one, and think that maybe he commanded ladybird to attack the black repairman. can hank prove he is not racist, or is he?

    good episode with a pretty good plot on the topic of racism. it was pretty good and i really liked it. my overall grade for this episode would be in the high "B" Range. a good episode methinksmoreless

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  • 8.9

    Ladybird is accused of being racist.

    By hsimpson44, Jul 16, 2007

    It appears as if Hanks dog Ladybird may be racist after she attacks a black plumber. Hank learns that if a dog is racist the owner may be so he takes a test, which he fails. Hank knows that neither he nor Ladybird is racist so he sets out to prove it. When Ladybird almost attacks a white plumber, Hank realizes she doesnt hate black people, she hates plumbers. Hank takes Ladybird and explains it to Mack, the black plumber. Ladybird is nice to him since he isnt working on plumbing.moreless

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