The Honeymooners

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Quotes (5)

  • Hank: It always amazes me what a well-placed flyer can accomplish.

  • Bill: I wish I had someone to look after me when I get old. May be I'll just get a cat…although I hear they eat you when you die.

  • Hank: Have you ever been indicted, Chuck?

  • Peggy (to Tillie and Chuck): Aww, look at you two lovebirds – ready to start what's left of your lives together!

  • Bill (on marriage): When you know, you know, Hank. But sometimes you're wrong.

Notes (1)

  • 20th Century Fox Television initially ordered 13 DABE production episodes, but decided to keep the show in production for four additional episodes (DABE14-DABE17). However, the network only aired the last of those four episodes (13 total for that production season), and confirmed it would not air the remaining four unaired episodes (DABE13-DABE16) in prime time, opting instead for syndication. These episodes premiered on May 3-7, 2010 on local stations, and also premiered on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on May 17-20, 2010. This is the first of these episodes.

Trivia (3)

  • When Chuck is making the eggs, it shows four in the pan. Then when Hank and Peggy come in, two pieces of toast have egg on them and he is taking out the last two eggs.

  • Tagline: "Oh no no no noooooo. Why you hate me?" -Kahn
    The second part of the tagline was not actually said right after the nos. It was a few sentences later.

  • Luanne does not appear in this episode.

Allusions (3)

  • Dale: RV's are a ticket to meth addiction and KOA sites where the law has no meaning.

    KOA, or Kampgrounds of America, is a chain of campgrounds featured all around the United States and Canada.

  • Bobby: If this were a Hugh Grant movie, this is the moment where he would run in. If this was a Julia Roberts movie, this is the moment where she would run out.

    Hugh Grant is an actor famous for playing in romantic comedies. Julia Roberts was in the film "Runaway Bride".

  • Title: An allusion to the Jackie Gleason sitcom The Honeymooners.