Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

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  • Triple D: There goes my refund!

  • Kirby: (in the cute way he talks) Kirby Kirby!...KIRBY!

  • Tiff: (to Kirby) My name's Tiff. Kirby: Name: Tiff. Tiff: Huh? Kirby: (Smiles) Name: Tiff. Tuff: And I'm her brother Tuff. Kirby: Tuff. Fololo and Falala: And we're their friends Fololo and Falala. Kirby: Fololo, Falala. Tuff: Kirby must be a baby warrior. (Everyone Laughs)

  • Tiff: (to Sword and Blade Knight) There's no Star Warrior in here. Meta-Knight: (Appears) I am not so sure.

  • King Dedede: I believe we been star struck.

  • King Dedede: Heh heh heh! Some Warrior. Now stand back, this boy's goin' into orbit! Tiff: No! Please don't! King Dedede: Fore! (Whacks Kirby with his mallet)

  • Escargoon: A monster?! Thats crazy! There's no monster here! Cappy: Yes there is! It's big and it eats everything in sight! Escargoon: Thats King Dedede!

  • King Dedede: I order a monster and I wind up with a wimp!

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Notes (549)

  • This aired on FOX Primtime at 7:00pm.

  • The theme song ("Kirby, Kirby, Kirby") was composed by Norman J. Grossfield and Ralph Shuckett.

  • The music that plays when Kirby is inhaling sounds strangely familiar to the rhythm of the chorus to Moskau by Dschinhis Khan.

  • Introduced technology in this episode: Dedede Jeep. King Dedede's personal assault vehicle, this thing's part jeep, part tank, all trouble. Assumedly, Escargoon does the driving while Dedede mans the weapons. Mostly, it just fires diminutive cannon fire, but the blasts are potent. Nightmare Enterprises Interface System. This is likely the most expensive thing in Castle Dedede, a massive internet connection to Nightmare Enterprises. Aside from hidden monitors and audio/visual contact, it also features a download device that instantly transports a monster from Nightmare's headquarters to Dedede's throne room. This also works for uploads to Nightmare.

  • Fire Kirby's ring on his head is different then his games. The same for his Spark mode and his Ice mode.

  • This is the only episode so far in which Kirby's voice is redubbed for the English version. It's when Kirby repeats Tiff and Tuff's names. (Their Jap names are Fumu and Bun)

  • Although the Cappys are enemies in a lot of Kirby games, these Cappys are good guys. Unfortunately, the Cappys in the Kirby games wore mushroom hats.

  • Fololo and Falala are based on Lololo and Lalala, the second bosses of Kirby's Dream Land for Game Boy. In turn, those bosses are based on the title characters from "The Adventures of Lolo and Lala", an early NES game

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Trivia (94)

  • Why did King Dedede blame Kirby for eating the sheep? He wasn't around during the first time the sheep got eaten!

  • The usual text edits are performed as well. Despite nearly all the visible text on the show being English, the text is airbrushed out or replaced with meaningless symbols. Even the made-up language used in the original, Pupupumoji, despite being unreadable without knowledge on how to decode it, is also replaced.

  • As with all their other properties, 4Kids replaced all the background the music of the series with synthesized themes they create and reuse in many of their dubs. Many criticize their music replacements as sounding too generic and not fitting the themes of the shows they use them in. The Japanese version has original music and remixed versions of songs from the Kirby games like Castle Lololo and Green Greens from Kirby's Dreamland for the original Game Boy.

  • In the Kirby: Right Back At Ya! comic for Nintendo Power, the second part of this episode had Dedede talking to Nightmare Enterprises saleman. In the backround, it says "Holy Nightmare". That is the Japanese name for Nighmare Enterprises.

  • Animation Goof: When Meta-Knght entered the old shack, the line on his mask went over the mask.

  • Chef Kawasaki's name was Cook Kawasaki in Kirby Super Star, as well as in the original Japanese version for the Kirby TV show.

  • Tuff knew Blocky's name before King Dedede or Escargoon introduced him

  • Incorrect Color: Dedede and Escargoon are talking to Meta Knight. At one point, the top of Meta Knight's head is blue-green.

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Allusions (15)

  • Shows: Several TV series are lampooned in this episode, including Everybody loves Raymond (Everybody loves Dedede), The Croc Hunter (The Snail Hunter)and ER (DR). Star Trek is also lampooned, as there is a show with a sjip called the SS Dededeprise.

  • Escargoon: Dragon Costume
    Escargoon's dragon costume resmbles Godzilla who is a monster from Tokyo who attacks the U.S.A and in the 1998 movie Godzilla his (her?) nest was in Madison Square Garden all of the eggs expt one were destroyed. In this episode, the attack on new york is taken out on cappy town. The citizens belived King Dedede until Kirby hopped on stage and became "Kirbyzilla."

  • The end is just like Star Wars Episode 1:The Phantom Menace because in the end the princess isn't really the princess. Her gaurd is. On Star Wars, Padme Amadala who is supposed to be the gaurd of her queen is really the queen.

  • Phrase: Cappy New Year The title is a spoof of the words "Happy New Year" which is said on New Year's Eve.

  • Dedede: You can pollute all you want; I won't give a hoot! This is a reference to Woodsy the owl, and his catchphrase "Give a hoot, don't pollute!"

  • The Blue Racer: There also an allusion for a classic cartoon known as the Blue Racer, At the end when Tiff & Tuff & the Cappys are around Kirby, it is also like the hippies going around our blue hero at the end of an episode.

  • Droopy Botox: The moster at the end was a Reference to Droopy Dog in the Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law episode "Droopy Botox.

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