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    One if the best comedy series I've seen!

    By AbigailZarate1, Jul 20, 2011

    One if the best comedy series I've seen! Big fan here and I love this show! The writer is brilliant! Please, Bring it back! Air it as well here in the Philippines! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back!

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    One of the best Comedy shows ever, SO PLZZZ BRING IT BACK!!!!

    By altaleh, Apr 28, 2009

    Hilarious, Crazy, Fun, and HOT. one of the best comedy shows i ever saw.

    its very hilarious, you can't stop laughing, they all crazy. and it include comedy, chicks, sex, and food, i can't believe they can cancel such a show lol :D

    and that jack haha i cant believe they can cancel that character.

    and on top of all that, they only made 13 episodes !!! only 13 episodes .. Damn i wish i have more :(

    but as i said and a lot agree with me I'm sure. its one of the best comedy shows, and there is no reason to cancel it!! so i just wish that if its possible to continue this shows, but its canceled, so ... it!!moreless

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    Bring it back with a better script...GIVE THEM A CHANCE!!

    By lady_joanne85, Jul 25, 2008

    Even though I didn't give a great score on this one but personally, I like it... I love every story about food, kitchen, and chef... I don't know is there any other show about kitchen but this show pretty good... The stress in the kitchen is the opposite of what i saw on Hell's Kitchen. They all crazy chefs, love pranks, and women. It's hard to imagine that our chef is making all that mess in the kitchen... very disturbing, have sex in the stock room, but after all, this is a show... grey's anatomy and scrubs sure did it... doctors have sex in almost every cosed room... NO great laugh come from this show but i like the idea... so bring it back... and give a good script!moreless

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  • 8.8

    Could have been better but was decent for what it was.

    By Yakira, Jun 22, 2008

    Started somewhere and hits some high points but not every episode was a home run. "French Fight" remains my favorite episode and Becky was my favorite reoccurring character. The idea of Jack getting laid a lot was nice for a while but it being his only storyline for the entire series (other than cooking which almost everyone on the show does, so it doesn't count) got old, very quick. Great guest stars were a big help but it doesn't matter how famous or popular they were, they only stayed around for an episode. On occasion the moments during the closing credits were the funniest thing to happen in that episode. In conclusion, although I don't think FOX should have cancelled it, I do think that the filler episodes should have definitely gone unaired.moreless

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    Really great show that needs to have more time for word of mouth to go around!!!

    By briantif2002, May 03, 2008

    Ok this I have no understanding what so ever! Why did Fox cancel this show is beyond my comprehension. This was really funny being an actual chef in an actual kitchen. The sad part about this whole thing is that I had no idea about this show until a friend lent me the DVD collection. Maybe if you put it on during a time frame thats good for everyone or actually give it a chance rather than letting it go for 4 episodes and then saying bye bye your not doing good enough for us. I mean C'mon Fox pull your heads out of your you know whats. Alot of people have been wanting this show to come back on so would it be that bad to put it back on as a trial. You did it with Family Guy so do it with K.C.moreless

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    St. Lawrence the Deacon is the patron saint of cooks and why can't a kitchen-based sitcom catch a break?

    By shocker713, Feb 28, 2008

    This series, based on Chef Anthony Bourdain's first book of memoirs (of the same name), this is probably the most accurate fictional representation of a professional kitchen that I've ever seen. In my 10 years thusfar cooking professionally, I've seen similar instances of hazing, chefs trying to sleep with waitresses, chefs trying to sleep with each other (heheh...been there...unsuccessfully), absentee owners (although Pino was one of the more informed ones), grueling injuries (again, been there), and pain-in-the-ass customers.

    I suppose that's why I thought this series was so great...on the other hand, I can also understand why it was cancelled. The show is just a bit too esoteric for the general public. Also, as a chef, I think there are really certain inside aspects of the business that I'd rather the customer not know about.

    However, a great show nonetheless. The characters in the show, while not necessarily based on specific real people, are definitely archetypes that usually pop up in professional kitchens.moreless

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    I didn't say bring it back because i know nobody is listening at least i can say watch 13 episode cuz thats all we got and you will enjoy every one of them..

    By northshield, Apr 21, 2007

    This is was good show absolutely canceled very early. He was got good characters and also charismatic lead actor. But like all tv tragedy this show is sacrifice first ratings and cancelled so much early. If they give some chance to this show it would be a classic when the all things settled. I didn't say bring it back because i know nobody is listening at least i can say to you watch all of 13 episode cuz thats all we got and you will enjoy every one of them. This a good show about flavour, sex and new beginnings.moreless

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    This show is amazing!

    By tmntvspr, Feb 19, 2007

    It needs a second chance, if it was given another season on a reasonable day and time and it'll be a smash hit... It's hilarious! It was very ahead of it's time and FOX dropped it before it really took off. If they gave it another chance it would take off. If you haven't seen it, find a way too, I don't know if it's on DVD but it's worth a buy, not a rent, a buy, it's that good. This show is very original and unlike any other show on television and it's just as intelligent as it is dim-witted comedy. It can appeal to ALL!moreless

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    A comedy

    By sabistine, Jan 08, 2007

    I didn\'t realize how awesome this show was until it was too late. Fox cancelled it after airing only 4 episodes when there were already 13 episodes made and ready to go!!! I don\'t understand why they couldn\'t just air the remaining 9 episodes... it\'s not like they had something else better lined up to take it\'s place!!! First Firefly, now this. They\'re really good at cancelling really good shows that shouldn\'t be cancelled! Brad is awesome and so is the rest of the cast (especially Nicholas, John Cho, Owain & John Daly) Please please please bring it back!!!moreless

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