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    Horrible Gordon

    By Bianca68, Oct 20, 2014

    I 'm Italian, Italian doc, been born and grown in the North of Italy, from Italian parents.

    First of all, the restaurants "Italians" visited by Ramsey and also their chefs don't have anything of Italian, not even the name that is also often wrong.

    They don't know the true Italian cuisine and don't have the ability and the Italian culinary tradition, by now lost in the years and Americanized (the Italian tastes are simpler and less fats than your prejudice has convinced you)

    Al least, not even Gordon knows how to cook Italian. He wants to make it believe, unfortunately he massacres, ashamedly ruining her, recipes of the tradition of the kitchen above all of the South of Italy (yes, because, in Italy, the kitchen isn't only one, but it also varies from a city to the other)

    The kitchen that you know is an americanization of that Italian and completely false.


    Ah,I add that from us the attention for the food also brings the attention to the careful research of raw materials and in the preparation and not only do we have restaurants in conditions such as those seen in the transmission, but we have a police authority preceded (the NAS) to the control of the respect of all the severeest rules applied by the Ministry of the Health.

    I'm sorry for my Englishmoreless

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    Americanization ruins another great show

    By NickyDierx, May 02, 2014

    I recently binge watched my way through the entire UK version of this show and loved every minute of it. Gordon Ramsay was a delight to watch working with the chefs on the show whether he was tearing them down or building them up.

    I was interested to see how the show fared in being transformed for an American audience. I was very disappointed. It's lost all of the charm it had in favour of dramatic cuts, creative editing and an unnecessarily loud soundtrack. More swearing and yelling, less discussions about food. More incompetence with little to no payoff or turnaround on the restauranteurs parts and worst of all, the narration. I don't know if I'll make it through the rest of season one of the US version. I hope he makes more in the UK style some day.moreless

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    Love his attitude and the show!

    By DasansMom, Apr 26, 2014

    Chef Ramsay reminds me of myself when I go to restaurants. It seems I have trouble controlling my tongue when I taste something bad. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a place that claims to have fresh fish and on the sign it said "Fresh-Frozen" and I said to the guy behind the counter "Is it fresh or is it frozen?" he laughed and said it's "Freshly Frozen" I'm like you have got to be kidding me. I got quite angry and said "F*** there's nothing fresh about frozen fish". Too many people say that he's foul mouthed and doesn't control his temper but, people need a reality check when they are so delusional to believe that their restaurant is great and their food is great. They fail to realize that no matter what they think, their restaurant wouldn't be failing if, they took care of it.moreless

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    Kitchen Nightmare

    By Xpious, Apr 19, 2014

    I have been a chef for twenty years and I can't understand how dirty some of these restaurants are. Where is the Health Department in some of those places ?

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    When is it starting

    By gtiller, Mar 21, 2014

    Any idea when he new season will start.

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    Kitchen nightmares, US series

    By rodneyleak3, Feb 07, 2013

    US season is off my watch list. Typical of US excess, of everything.

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    After 3 seasons, I cant stand it anymore

    By NicholasWong, Nov 01, 2012

    Heres the basic formula:

    Day 1: food sucks -> kitchen in disarray -> owner(s) get angry

    Day 2: secret meeting -> frustrations aired -> crying everywhere

    Day 3: free stuff given + new menu -> dinner starts well -> momentary problem -> dinner ends on good note -> Ramsay is a hero

    I noticed this after the first 5 episodes i watched and it was tolerable at first. However, after so long watching the same thing over and over it has become so detestable to me. It is sad, because the BBC version of the show is so good. In the BBC version, almost all the restaurants have different problems and you can really see Gordon Ramsay pull off some great and inventive ideas to pull a restaurant through. You can see things actually changing and feel like the restaurateurs really had to work hard to succeed at the end.

    In the US version, it is entirely ludicrous to believe that all these restaurants are left to their devices after Gordon fixes one problem (almost always being that the owners are in denial/stubborn). Then he gives them a complete remodel of the dining area overnight and after one dinner, leaves them. The show is so formulaic and edited that it is no longer about showing how to run a successful business but rather a cheap and lame attempt at trying to pull at your heartstrings. So typical of american produced reality tv shows nowadays.

    Bottom line, go check out the BBC version. It is miles better than this show.moreless

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    This is actually Season 6, not 5

    By sjdesilets, Oct 26, 2012

    Season 6 officially starts on 10/26, 2012, not season 5.

    Refer to IMDB and all other episode listings.

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    When Gordon speaks, you BETTER listen!

    By DojinFan_2K, Sep 03, 2011

    Gordon Ramsay has both his fans & detractors, but 1 thing for certain, he's the star of his own Reality TV series in which he does what he can to bring poorly performing restaurants up to higher standards.

    Kitchen Nightmares is the FOX Network's adaptation of BBC's Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. The difference between the US & UK versions of this show is that while the British version emphasizes the epicurean aspects, the American version has all the off-the-cuff emotions that adds drama to whatever situation Ramsay faces.

    Regardless of what the critics think of his American show, i'd say that this is far above & beyond the mindless pap that most Reality TV shows are.

    I'd be honored to have Gordon Ramsay be my mentor in the art of cooking rather than a haughty jellyfish like Jamie Oliver!moreless

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