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    Knight Rider ftw!

    By jared85, Jul 19, 2010

    Knight Rider is becoming more and more interesting. I remember seing the first episodes and like someone said in earlier reviews, there were just too many characters and the stories were full of cliches and nothing really solid going on.

    But after Sarah's dad died and Torres got owned by KAR, things turned around.. and I'm happy about it.

    Cool plots, fine performances and the Kitt x Michael chemistry is just priceless.. lol

    Not that a more serious story would hurt tho.. I mean, the 1 episode story is fine and all, you can easily miss one and really not miss anything at all or lose track of what's going on.. but the season plots sometimes make it more appealing, especially when it lands in an awesome cliff-hanger..

    But anyways, so far, so good.. nothing to complain here!!moreless

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