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    All my profile...

    By alvinlonelycowboy, May 21, 2014

    Who do not want kitt as his car... Those critics actually sucks.. Everyone wants to revive their childhood, so this one is actually better than the old one... Old one contained a fake voice, a stupid acting.. New one is cool... :) technology rules...

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    By AlvinMungla, May 21, 2014

    Those who says that this sucks, actually sucks... This is better than the old one... Technology is future... The old kitt is nothing compared to the new one...

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    By AlvinMungla7298, May 21, 2014

    According to the critics, this sucks.. According to me this rocks... We are in 2014 guys, just watch it with ur popcorn.. Ull tell me.. It's worth our time,,,

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    By MikeAnand, May 21, 2014

    We still want kitt back... We love you kitt". I know that my review won't make any importance.. But you people will do a lot... Just watch it... One car can make the difference.. It's not a copy of the old one... It's just a sequel..

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    Started Fast!

    By moogan89, Feb 20, 2013

    Loved it. It was great. My generation, the one that missed the original, got a chance to understand their parents obsession. My mom and I watched it together, then, it crashed. Killing of half the cast, changing the plot and What Was That!

    What a waste of a second chance!

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    I wanted to see more!

    By AdamPinkston, Jan 14, 2013

    I didn't see anything wrong with "too much technology" or anything else, would still been better then most shows on now!

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    NBC proves they've learned nothing from the "Bionic Woman" debacle with this two-hour Ford commercial that was as short on excitement as it was on capturing the feel of the original and the imagination of the audience.

    By jekyll, Jan 25, 2012

    For the second time in six months, NBC has sullied the reputation of a guilty-pleasure of the past. Learning absolutely nothing from the mistake of not tying "Bionic Woman" enough to the 70s original, this shoddy retread falls into the same potholes--too 'techy', too dark, no heart, and show essentials nowhere to be seen.

    The plot of this potential launching pad for a series update is sadly an all too formulaic "we didn't get the old man, so let's grab the daughter instead" storyline. That's suitable for a regular episode, but a TV movie deserves better. The villains were taken from a Script Writing 101 class, the photogenic stars look better than they emote, and twists in the plot were too easily spotted by anyone who's actually watched television before.

    The clear star is meant to be the new Shelby Mustang-based KITT, but sadly the biggest star is Ford, who has managed to take integrating themselves into a show to a new low. Was there ever a car on-screen that wasn't a Ford or a Ford-owned make, like Volvo? It's really just as well to let a corporation be the star since Justin Bruening has very little of the same charm and charisma David Hasselhoff brought to the original.

    The real problems come in the details. While the opening scenes paid a few brief homages to the first series, it really serves to make you think of all this movie is missing. KITT is cold, calculating, and has none of the heart that made the original sparkle. They made a big deal about getting Val Kilmer to voice the super-car, and then all he does is speak in a monotone for two hours. KITT feels merely like a tool to be used instead of a bona fide character. This could almost be excused in light of series staples like Turbo Boosts, ski mode, and smoke release--except for none of these are present. The very things that made the original pop with excitement have apparently been chucked out in favor of a car whose only automotive powers seem to be 'going really fast and skidding a lot'. The only real action was fast, taut driving, which wasn't exciting enough and actually felt very slow. KITT does now possess an array of Internet and satellite-based capabilities, but it's nothing we've not seen for years on "24". And all the camouflage-on-the-fly does is seem to serve as a reminder to potential customers that Mustangs come in colors other than black. Even the brief excitement during the opening from hearing a few bars of the original theme was crushed as it morphed into a more "hardcore" cacophony of sounds.

    There was at least a glimmer of hope for improvement at the end with acknowledgement that KITT's designer planned to resurrect FLAG, a potential for David Hasselhoff (who only appeared during the coda) to guest again, and a clever twist to the iconic 'backing KITT out of a moving vehicle' shot. Sadly, these last ties to the original were too little, too late. A full series will need to be tied more to the original, and if it's not it's doomed to failure.

    In the end we were left with what was a barely passable two hours' worth of entertainment. As a backdoor pilot it's forgivable that it wasn't all that good; it's not forgivable that it also wasn't all that fun.moreless

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    Come on! What happened here?

    By goldmajestic262, Sep 08, 2011

    This was a classic! A legend, a myth! It was the car everyone wanted, desired. So when I saw, there was a brand-new TV show coming on, I thought "That's what I'm talking about!" But noooooooo, they spoilt it! They turned Knight Rider and the car into a joke. A car being a submarine? a four by four? Is it going to fly tomorrow or is it going to turn into a motorbike? (much better for the tan!!). I tried to watch it, despite the lame dialogue and the I'm-trying-to-be-funny attitude but I couldn't take it anymore! I just stopped! Shame, really, a shame...moreless

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    This show overdosed and chocked on too much technology in an era which doesn't have it.

    By Govvy, Sep 08, 2011

    This show might of had good potential but we will never know as it was cancelled after season one.

    At times Kitt seemed too unreal. The transformation was, nano technology, all seemed way too much. It was hard to believe such technology could exist when it is based in our current era.

    The writers overloaded and overdosed the whole show, but that's not to say it wasn't a bad show. In a number of the first half the season episodes there were some good moments and a few funny jokes. The cast were all exceptionally good looking and gave the show very good glamour.

    But if you are airing against such shows as A Town Called Eureka you probably wont get the viewing numbers that you are looking for.

    But the storylines were to basic, silly, incoherent with reality and it all came crashing back down to earth.moreless

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