Knots Landing

The Unraveling

Season 8, Ep 16, Aired 1/1/87
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  • Episode Description
  • Mr. Winston flies into town and confirms that Paige really is his granddaughter. Paige is upset to see him. Karen convinces Mac he needs to fly to New York and tell Anne that Paige is alive. Paige cooks a romantic dinner for Peter.Jill admits to Gary that Peter is her brother. Gary thinks she means she is Galveston's daughter. Gary asks Jill to marry him. Abby demands Olivia give her all of her drug paraphernalia, but Olivia gives her baking soda. Gary invites her to AA, but Olivia refuses. Gary tells Abby they'll have to wait until she hits bottom. Abby finds out that Olivia has drained her and Brian's bank account, has been skipping school, is failing all of her classes, and didn't pay her tuition. Out of money, Olivia decides to sell drugs, and her dealer hits her when she uses them instead. Abby takes Olivia's house and car keys and puts her under house arrest.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • William Devane

    Gregory "Greg" Sumner [ seasons 5-14 ]

  • Ted Shackelford

    Garrison "Gary" Ewing

  • Joan Van Ark

    Valene Clements Ewing Gibson Waleska Ewing [ seasons 1-13; Episodes 343-344 ]

  • Kevin Dobson

    Marion Patrick 'Mack' MacKenzie (1982-1993)

  • Donna Mills

    Abby Fairgate Cunningham Ewing Sumner [ seasons 2-10; Episodes 343-344 ]

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  • Quotes (2)

    • (After Olivia uncovers her "drugs" in her bedroom) Abby: Why, Olivia? Why? Olivia: It's no big deal. Everybody does it. I'm not hooked or anything. Abby: You must have known I'd found out. Is this some kind of game you're playing with me? Brian: Mom! (Brian enters) Abby: Brian, I... Brian: Maria says I can't have another piece of cake. Abby: Well, how much have you had? Brian: Well....two pieces, but they were small. Abby: Well, Maria's right, honey. You've had enough. Too much sweets aren't good for you. I'm sorry. (Brian leaves. Abby sighs and faces Olivia) Some things aren't good for you in any amount. Olivia: Okay, I know. I won't do it anymore. Really. It's not a problem. Abby: Promise me. (They hug)

    • Abby: I'm not gonna lock you out. I'm gonna lock you in. With ME!

    Notes (2)

    • Tonya Crowe is credited as a Co-Star in this episode.

    • Olivia is ruining her life, her education, and finances in this episode, and this causes Abby to place her on house arrest.

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