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    The 2005 series of Kojak was to die for!

    By emarshallofco, Jan 19, 2008

    Ving Rhames, was/is the best choice for Kojak. His suits were out of this world, his car was a perfect choice, his lady friend, ok. Plots were great and not "far-fetched". So why was there not a second season? I recorded the 10 episodes and watched them repeatedly, I even made my husband a couple of "Kojak" suits. The car is too much for me, but the show was great!! kept us on the edge of our seat, Ving showed emotions only a "man" could show, honesty, pain, and commpassion for the victims and determination to solve each case. Please think about making a new series.moreless

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    Take another iconoclastic bald actor and put him in the role made famous by Telly Savalas and you have the return of the famed NYPD crime fighter

    By Blackbandit20, Sep 01, 2007

    Ving Rhames was perfect for the gritty role, he was suave and smooth with just enough toughness and edge to pull the role that Telly Savalas made famous off with style and class. The only things that thia Kojak had with the old was a love of candy, a bald head and a name. Oh make no mistake he was tough and no-nonsense like Kojak of old but he was cool too. There were a lot of similarities I will agree. You got to give the production company dap, I booed USA for not giving this critically acclaimed series more time to find its niche.moreless

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    Better than the original

    By ssimonds1, May 31, 2007

    This is exactly what one would expect from Ving Rhames and Chaz Palminteri, a gritty, realistic, and heartfelt cop show.

    Unlike the catch phrase spewing original, this remake was all about character development. Instead of a cop hell bent on making an impression, Ving Rhames gave us a cop bent on doing the right thing and also gave us an insight on why he was so driven. The supporting cast was wonderful, the writing was top notch, and the acting was just what you would expect from Rhames and Palminteri; top notch. Why USA cancelled this show and kept things like Monk is baffling to the mind.moreless

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    Griity show, gone..

    By houbou, Mar 04, 2007

    Well, i wasn't happy when I saw how quick the pulled the plug on this show.

    And it was way more cool than the original to boot.

    Anyways.. USA Network should have been a bit more patient, this show had great potential, the acting was really amazing.

    Oh well...

    Bring it back! :)

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    Better than the original!

    By donaldsykes25, Nov 08, 2005

    I like the original Kojak and didn't think a remake could come close to the it, but I LOVE this one it actually surpasses the original. Ving Rhames is awesome as Lieutenant Theo Kojak and the rest of the cast is wonderful too. I hope they bring this back for a second season.

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    Don't bother!

    By markbenny, Jul 22, 2005

    When I heard USA would be airing a revival of Kojak, I was fairly excited. The original series with Telly Savalas was arguably the best cop show of the seventies and the most realistic cop show of the time. An updated version with that approach could have been fantastic.....what a shame it didn\'t happen. I read in an interview with star and executive producer Ving Rhames that he never watched the original show..too bad. If he had maybe this show wouldn\'t be so clueless. The new version is poorly written and it\'s star seems to be sleepwalking his way through it. In an early episode Kojak tries to free a kidnapped woman who is being held hostage by an atrractive but nasty young lady who\'s some sort of martial arts expert....Kojak gets in a fight with her and proceeds to get his butt kicked. He has to use trickery to defeat her. WHAT?!?!.. Sexy female super bad guys are fine if we have a movie with Arnold or Jackie Chan...but KOJAK? ...and what is with the stupid lollipops? Not only is Ving sucking on them all the time , but it gets a big close-up in the opening credits. In the orignal series, Kojak sucked on lollipops because he was trying to give up cigarettes. It was a little chatracter quirk but nothing really important...in fact, when Savalas made his new Kojak movies in the 80\'s, he didn\'t use them at all. The people responsible for the new show seem to think if they have a cop with a bald head and a lollipop-they have Kojak...Wrong!! Do yourself a favor, If you want to see Kojak done right, buy the first season on dvd, or look for the Savalas version on Hallmark or Wgn....You will be much better off with the original.moreless

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    Kojak is a great USA show, only under The Dead Zone and Monk, tied with The 4400.

    By daredevileye18, Jun 28, 2005

    This is one remake show that needs to come back for a second season. Ving Rhames is one of my favorite actors and this show just made him even better in my book. The casting of Chaz Palmenteri and Roselyn Sanchez is a brilliant idea. All three put together creates a perfect series.

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    Kojak (Ving Rhames) detective in the New York police department is as cool as they come. Dealing with the crime in the big city, but being haunted by the death of his father when he was a child. Sucker in his mouth, waiting for you to mess up.

    By reeser144, Jun 26, 2005

    Great show, great remake of a T.V. show. Ving Rhames is awesome as Lieutenant Theo Kojak he brings a smooth talking, calm demeanor to an older generation character. With his favorite red loli-pop in is mouth he could intimidate anyone. Ving kicks butt and takes names later, trying to keep his streets safe. So if you were going to commit a crime I would stay out of Kojak’s neighborhood. I recommend you watch the show at least once and you will be hooked. If you have seen any of Ving Rhames’ movies he brings a big name to the small screen. The show doesn’t disappoint, it is creative and something to look forward to every week.moreless

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    One of the best remakes of a show I've ever seen.

    By afijamesy2k, Jun 24, 2005

    This remake is sleeker, faster, smarter, smoother and much better than this original, nothing can stop it.

    Ving Rhames will blow everyone away, once it comes back a second season.

    This show is better than anything on television.

    A Dream unlike any other show has ever done

    this one of the the year's best shows.

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