Justice Deferred

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Quotes (3)

  • Capt. McNeil (entering the squad room to see everyone eating a catered box lunch): Since when did we start a catering service for homicide suspects? Det. Saperstein: Captain, who do you think is picking up the tab for all of this? (pointing to the prisoner in the cage) Capt. McNeil: Huh, so he killed his wife. Well, nobody's perfect, right?

  • Lt. Kojak: If these leads in the eastern ski resorts don't provide evidence, then like Lewis & Clark, work your way out west. Det. Stavros: But Lewis & Clark had an Indian scout. Lt. Kojak: So did Colonel Custer.

  • Det. Stavros: Lieutenant, don't you want to hear what ballistics has to say? Lt. Kojak: Hmmmmmmm, it was a 22, possibly a target pistol, but its slants and grooves fail to match up with anything we have on file. Det. Stavros: (in disbelief) How does he do that, Captain? Capt. McNeil: Don't ask me, I just come here for the coffee.

Notes (1)

  • German episode title: "Ein Toter und sein Doppelgänger", meaning "A Dead And His Doppelganger".