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  • Lt. Theo Kojak: It's a badge and you use it as one. It's not a credit card.

  • Kojak: Make that one for the hospital (removes sunglasses) and one for the morgue.

  • Kojak:''well I hope you were worth the trade''.

  • Capt. McNeil (entering the squad room to see everyone eating a catered box lunch): Since when did we start a catering service for homicide suspects? Det. Saperstein: Captain, who do you think is picking up the tab for all of this? (pointing to the prisoner in the cage) Capt. McNeil: Huh, so he killed his wife. Well, nobody's perfect, right?

  • Lt. Kojak: If these leads in the eastern ski resorts don't provide evidence, then like Lewis & Clark, work your way out west. Det. Stavros: But Lewis & Clark had an Indian scout. Lt. Kojak: So did Colonel Custer.

  • Det. Stavros: Lieutenant, don't you want to hear what ballistics has to say? Lt. Kojak: Hmmmmmmm, it was a 22, possibly a target pistol, but its slants and grooves fail to match up with anything we have on file. Det. Stavros: (in disbelief) How does he do that, Captain? Capt. McNeil: Don't ask me, I just come here for the coffee.

  • "...if you touch her again, I'm going to splatter your brain." Kojak states as he drops a bottle of wine on the table in front of the gangster after noticing that he beat up Kojak's witness.

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Notes (143)

  • German episode title: "Der Mordfall Marcus Nelson", meaning "The Marcus Nelson Murder Case".

  • When NBC rebroadcast the TV movie as a special during Easter of 1994, they superimposed the following over the final shot of Kojak looking out into the river: Aristotle "Telly" Savalas January 21, 1922 - January 22, 1994 We loved ya, baby.

  • This TV movie was based on a real 1963 case, the Wylie-Hoffert murders.

  • The pilot and the later TV movies were filmed entirely on location in New York.

  • Director Joseph Sargent received an Emmy in 1972 for his work in The Marcus Nelson Murders.

  • The song, "Don't Give Me A Road I Can't Walk" (music by Billy Goldenberg,lyrics by Bobby Russell, and sung by Andy Kim.) was featured in the made for TV movie.

  • German episode title: "Belagerung", meaning "Siege".

  • The first season DVD now out states that only the first season was filmed in New York city.

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Trivia (6)

  • This episode marks the first appearance of the lollipop.

  • Kojak has another encounter with the Gypsies in episode 96 in season 4, "Another Gypsy Queen".

  • Salathiel Harms makes a re-appearance next season in episode 83, "Black Thorn".

  • This is a sequel to episode 66, "Bad Dude" from last season, in which Roosevelt Greer reprises his guest role as bounty hunter Salathiel Harms.

  • This is a sequel to episode 40, Season Two's "Queen of the Gypsies".

  • Tristan Carrasco, today a Broadway actress, is guest starring in this episode as a child. In the 1970s her face was very popular in many commercials.

Allusions (1)

  • The episode title is a play on the Star Wars movie quote, "May the force be with you."