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  • 9.3

    Well, OK, they didn't do the exact same plot, but this came a little too soon after Stretch-O-Mutt's impersonation schtick in "Solar Specs." Still a pretty good episode and we got to see more of the Dog Stars.

    By catfan1, May 06, 2006

    Stretch-O-Mutt meets the Dog Stars for the first time and boy, is he excited to see real space heroes. But soon there's trouble as Mechanikat infects everyone on board, except Krypto and Stretch, with "space spots" virus and invades the ship. A Kryptonite ray keeps Krypto from stopping the invasion so it's Stretch to the rescue as he impersonates the Dog Stars in an attempt to fool Mechnikat. There are some funny scenes and the ending where the tables are turned on Mechanikat is clever.

    Not a bad episode, and I like Stretch, but the formula of Krypto and/or Streaky losing their powers or being weakened by Kryptonite so they need Stretch's help is already getting a little old, at least to me. Stretch's strategy of impersonating the Dog Stars was also a little too close to the plot of 'Solar Specs' where he fooled Mechanikat and crew by impersonating the villains.

    But it was fun to see the Dog Stars and I really enjoyed the initial scenes where the heroes meet for the first time. I still think Stretch has potential, they just need to find new things to do with him.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Stretch-O-Mutt finally meets the Dog Stars, only to end up fighting Mechanikat soon afterwards.

    By kryptofreak120, May 04, 2006

    Well, thanks to the "space spots" virus, all of the Dog Stars (save Mammoth Mutt for not being in this episode, as well as Krypto and Stretch-O-Mutt) are incapacitated, and Mechanikat invades the ship. To make things worse, he uses a kryptonite ray to strike the ship and keep Krypto powerless. Stretch-O-Mutt, being the only one who can fight, molds his body and pretends to be the Dog Stars in order to convince Mechanikat of his mistake of invading the ship. Soon, however, he figures out his charade, but Bulldog accidentally spreads the germs to Mechanikat and Snooky, driving them off.

    We all knew it would come. Stretch-O-Mutt finally meets the Dog Stars. Only...he didn't really get to use all of the Dog Stars' forms to their full advantage, which I would've loved to see. But an excellent episode marking future episodes to come. 9.9/10moreless

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