Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

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Quotes (516)

  • Tan: What you can not possess, you must destroy.

  • Tan: The source of all light is a profound mystery! It is devoid of substance and form! It has lived since the dawn of existence. It has a body. It has a name. Bring me that body and bring me that name.

  • Caine: When one eye is fixed on the destination, you have only one eye to search for the way. Concentrate on the now.

  • Caine: To achieve victory, one must get inside the skin of an opponent.

  • Tyler: When did you get so cynical? Peter: When I learned the truth about Milli Vanilli.

  • Peter: Darkness shall overcome the light, as you would say, but splinters of black will easily be crushed. The illumination of one candle shall forever touch mankind's luminous spirit. Caine: I never said anything like that. That means absolutely nothing! Peter: I know. Sounded great though, didn't it?

  • Caine: (to Tan) You murdered the priests and I thought, my own son. The old ones cry out for vengeance!

  • Peter: Was it the after shave that gave me away? You know, all undercover cops use that wiseguy fragrance. Maybe we ought to switch to Old Spice.

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Notes (26)

  • Bernard Behrens and Geordie Johnson appeared together previously in the series Dracula:The Series.

  • This is the first appearance of Kate Trotter, before she joins the cast as Captain Simms.

  • Jake is played by Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham, who is a kickboxer in real-life.

  • An interesting tidbit: The opponent that Jake is forced to fight in the cage is the fight coordinator for this series, Michael M. Vendrell.

  • Marina Anderson plays a role in three other episodes, in addition to this episode: "Flying Fists of Fury II", "Requiem" and "Special Forces". She and David Carradine met on the set of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, and subsequently married and divorced. Ms. Anderson also goes by the screen name, Coco d'Este.

  • Larissa Laskin is credited under the name Larissa Lapchinski.

  • Richard Anderson who plays Captain Stiles, the leader of the SWAT team, is the uncredited narrator of this series.

  • Guest star William Chang ("Clarence Choi") appears in later episodes "Aspects of the Soul" and "Veil of Tears" under the name Billy Chang.

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Trivia (52)

  • When Caine recalls the destruction of the temple in 1978, part of the recollection is of the fight between Tan and himself with Tan receiving extensive facial wounds as a result. In the present, Tan wears dark sunglasses at all times to hide the scars of the fight.

  • If one watches closely, it can be seen that the license plates on cars have all digits blurred out. This is done throughout the series to hide the fact that many of the scenes were shot in Toronto, Canada and not the unnamed US city the show is set in.

  • During the episode, there is a flashback to "The Lacquered Box" (Episode 14), which hadn't aired yet.

  • Peter is actually quoting George Malkovitch from Sunday at the Hotel with George when he says, "Heroes don't die young, they die stupid."

  • This is the first episode that Kwai Chang Caine puts out a candle flame using The Hand of a Thousand Bells.

  • Steadman is first mentioned even though he does not appear onscreen until five episodes later (Dragon's Wing).

  • This is the first episode where we see Kwai Chang Caine dodge a bullet.

  • When Blaisdell returns from a week's absence with his right arm in a sling from a bullet wound and offering no explanations, it could be inferred that the injury was as a result of his doing mercenary work outside his police duties.

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Allusions (21)

  • Die Hard Blaisdell cautions Peter about his choice of tactics when he next finds himself in a Die Hard situation. Die Hard was an early 80's movie starring Bruce Willis as a police detective taking on a group of heavily armed, hostaged holding criminals by himself.

  • Miami Vice At one point, Peter tells one of Tan's underlings to stop the strong-arm tactics, since Miami Vice has been off the air for years. Miami Vice was an 80's police action drama series that centered around two Miami undercover cops and their attempts to stop the drug trade in the area.

  • Rockford Files, Hill Street Blues Peter mentions that watching Rockford Files and Hill Street Blues as a child, inspired him to become a cop, later. Rockford Files was a 70's series, starring James Garner as private investigator. Hill Street Blues was an 80's series about the daily activities of a police precinct, starring an ensemble cast.

  • Sunday in the Park with George The title of this episode title is a spoof of the title of the play, Sunday in the Park with George, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

  • Star Trek At one point, Caine notes that a plan seems logical and Peter responds that he sounds like Spock. This is a reference to the late 60's science fiction, action series Star Trek. The series, set in the future, told of adventures aboard a starship whose personnel featured an alien first officer named Spock.

  • Johnny Carson, Star Trek and Barney Miller are all mentioned in this show, as part of Max's persona.

  • The A-Team At one point, Peter refers to the group that is being assembled as a 'geriatric A-Team'. The A-Team was an 80's action series about a group of four men/mercenaries doing good deeds while evading arrest by authorities for crimes they are accused of doing in the past.

  • I Never Promised You a Rose Garden The title refers to a 1977 movie and an autobiographical novel, by Joanne Greenberg (written under the pen name of Hannah Green), about a young girl who suffers from psychosis.

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