An Eye for An Eye

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (6)

  • Caine: Once mighty waters hurdled themselves against rock. And from these two harsh strengths came this most gentle sand.

  • Master Po: Fear is the enemy. Trust is the armor.

  • Master Po: Vengeance is a water vessel with a hole. It carries nothing but the promise of emptiness.

  • Caine: To hate is like drinking salt water. The thirst grows worse.

  • Master Po: To feel shame for no cause is a waste. To feel shame for cause is also a waste; for you must rather spend time correcting that of which you are ashamed.

  • Master Po: Repay injury with justice and forgiveness, but kindness always with kindness.

Notes (2)

  • This is the first of two appearances by L.Q. Jones in this series, the next being The Last Raid as Major Bealson.

  • This episode Emmy for best director and another for best cinematographer. Jerry Thorpe was nominated for a Director's Guild Award for it.

Trivia (1)

  • Caine is carrying several seedlings with him, which he stops and plants at different points. We only see him do this one more time, in The Gunman.