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    The characters and writers are doing a good job portraying how New Orleans was and how the city is now trying to come back. It's also good to see the characters out and about around the city. This shows that they are enjoying everything the city offers.

    By saallen1975, Oct 23, 2007

    I am really enjoying the show. The show is doing a good job showing how New Orleans is at this time. How big businesses and the goverment are trying to force people out of their homes. I also like how their showing that people are coming back, and how they are getting help from others in their community along with support from their church and friends. They have also done a good job paying attention to names and businesses around the area,because for those watching the show from Louisiana know that it's really being filmed there, and that there is hope for our great city of New Orleans so even though they may not have that french cajun accent they still sound like their from the south.moreless

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