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    K-ville is a great show! my son and I watch every week. don't cancel it , please!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!

    By paddleballchris, Sep 11, 2011

    Please keep K-ville on the air! Great show!!!!!!!!!Please don't cancel K-ville, great show, great actors, really enjoy it, please don't cancel!Please don't cancel k-ville, please don't cancel K-ville, when is it coming back? great actors, great show, great time slot, I don't watch many shows but I look forward to the show every week.Please keep the show on the air! Don't know what else to say, why 100 words to say what i think when i could say it in one sentence. Please keep k-ville on the air! why do i need 100 words to give an opinion about a favorite program? This is ridiculous. I like the show, please don't cancel!!!moreless

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    New Orleans PD tales after the flood.Looks at daily life on the beat in New Orleans and the garbage behind the scenes of a day in New Orleans crime syndication

    By jtilly25, Nov 06, 2008

    This show would have been better over time. I believe that because it was New Orleans and not New York it was short lived. This was a keeper in my mind it had all the essentials of being a 5 season show before being axed. I think that there should be a reconsideration on this show and bring it back. There was so much potential and it wasn't a CSI like show it was really a show about how living as a cop in a corrupt city after a flood might be portrayed to an audience that otherwise had not a clue.

    Thanks for the tease show.moreless

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    expected too much from the show. Anthony Anderson give a great performance as usual as Detective Boulet and Cole Hauser was a wonderful sidekick. Sure the show had it's bad episodes and in a show where a guy can sneak off to simple, sexy,

    By danharr, Jun 14, 2008

    I don't know what people were looking for when this show debuted. What we got was a decent action show with a provocative setting. I hate to sound insensitive but I don't find New Orleans off limits or sacrosanct due to the Katrina disaster. I really am upset that a lot of people panned the show just because it was set there or worse expected too much from the show. Anthony Anderson give a great performance as usual as Detective Boulet and Cole Hauser was a wonderful sidekick. Sure the show had it's bad episodes and in a show where a guy can sneak off to Afghanistan and thanks to a Hurricane his criminal record is gone. Sure some leaps of faith had to be made but as a simple, sexy, action piece I feel it succeeded.moreless

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    Why networks keep canceling good shows, not giving enough time?

    By MrsDonEppes, Mar 01, 2008

    K-ville is an excellent cop show, yet different from the others with the story of New Orleans, its people and Katrina.

    It has the same rawness NYPD Blue had. With the TV-reality era, which is so fake, we need some shows that shakes reality, shows that bother our minds, shows that push limits. Enough of glossy shows.

    I was drawn to K-ville by the characters, all are hurting in some ways but find in themselves qualities they thought did not have. They are survivors. The dynamic between the actors is great, filming is raw, perfectly showing the anguish, struggles of a town with its reality.

    K-Ville needs to come back.moreless

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    K-Ville is a really cool show, one of my favorites and one of the best on T.V and it can not be canceled!

    By Shinobu8, Jan 22, 2008

    I just want to say that I really love this show K-Ville. It's one that I never miss! Whoever is out there at FOX trying to cancel it, STOP what you're doing!!! This is one of the coolest shows on T.V., don't you dare cancel it. I will no longer watch Fox if you do! Or, if you want me to continue to watch your channel then make sure that K-Ville gets put on another time slot or another channel. It makes no difference to me, as long as I get to watch it. DON'T even think about making me lose my show! Thank you!moreless

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  • 9.8

    All episodes are excellent if you remember it is meant to get ratings! Not necessarily real to life police work. Some things right on some things over the top.

    By 3c1t, Dec 19, 2007

    This is an excellent show. It is fast paced most of the time, enjoyable, and often comical. The only thing people who turn it off within five minutes need to remember is that it is made for television, not necessarily the way things really roll.

    It is a show you can pick up on any episode and still enjoy even if you haven't seen any of the previous shows. You'll be missing a little info that way, but it's still good. I have watched each episode as it came on and thoroughly loved it, have even managed to get my husband to watch and he's all sorts of into criminal justice. Some things he agrees with and some things he tears apart, but as he puts it "the unreal parts sometimes make the story."moreless

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    Watched five minutes of this show and gave up.

    By DonnyIris, Dec 18, 2007

    First off: the swat team in geading into a dangerous situation and I notice none of them are wearing helmets?? Then the reporter that is there for the ride along takes out a $10 digital camera that she probably got out of a cracker jack box to take a picture from over 100 ft away with a flash - the flash being required to alert the bad guys. My 12 year old could write a better script. Very, very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very bad.moreless

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    Who is burning destroyed houses? How? Why is the insurance denied? Does the beautiful Fire Marshall have something to do with the fires? Who killed the insurance agent?? Who is the dirty cop?? And the most important question..Does Cobb finally get "IT"??

    By eeker36, Dec 04, 2007

    Storyline (Flood, Wind and Fire)tonite was one of the more interesting episodes. Cobb/Hauser came through loud and clear...and oh my.... is that man good-looking.. Anthony/Boulet toned it down and showed he is human after all. The insurance scam and who set the fire(?) had me guessing and saying "oh no... poor Cobb" I even wondered if Boulet could have??...nawww not Boulet. The visuals of New Orleans are so very touching. Looking for the dirty cop is a good sub-story and well acted. The jokes were funny. I laughed out loud at Cobb's expressions. (oh my..is that man good-looking) This show is getting better all the time. Put it in a better time slot and please keep it on the air.moreless

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    i think k ville is wonderfull, i love the show and think it should stay on fox for a long time, its great.

    By l2007, Oct 24, 2007

    its a 10, i love the show and think it should be brought back next year!!! cole hauser and anthony anderson are great actors. They protray great actors working as new orleans police men, with great potential, with excellent skills. Cole hauser is very handsome and very interesting to watch. The show should be on for a long time, for everyone to watch over and over, and never be bored. I think everyone should vote 10 for the show because its exciting and keeps your interest all the time. All the actors on k ville are very good at what they do!!!moreless

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